Eithernet driver for dv6000

Who can find for me the ethernet drivers for Hp pavilion dv 6000 (dv6206ea)

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  1. Ha, a piece of cake... click HERE
  2. Thanks a lot... I tried to install this driver but it didn´t result... my drivers for ethernet it´s still in a yelow color

    Can you try again?

    NB: my network tarjet is an intel (r) Pro/wireless 3945ABG network connection

    Thank again
  3. You asked for Ethernet drivers, not wireless.

    HP says you have a Broadcom Wireless LAN.

    I'm tired of hunting down drivers. Try Google.

    ... and what is a "tarjet" ??
  4. Sorry, I don´t know very well that I need for my Notebook. The controller for ethernet is in a yellow color and I cann´t connect to internet.

    I installed everest, but I don´t know where I must looking for

    "Tarjet"? sorry I think that is "card".
    I don´t speak english very well
  5. luismouliaa2 said:
    Who can find for me the ethernet drivers for Hp pavilion dv 6000 (dv6206ea)


    I had the same problem after reformatting my HP Pavilion dv6000. I didn't have any luck with HP support as the driver isn't listed on their site. I purchased an inexpensive USB to Ethernet adapter from Monoprice.com. I then used the adapter to connect to the Internet via USB. After doing so, I went into the device manager (run devmgmt.msc) and searched for my missing drivers online. Fixed the problem without much hassle.
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