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Alright where to begin. Guess I'll start with the short story and fill in details if needed. I work at a bar where they have the Point Of Sale system installed. They recently got a virus named XP Antivirus 2012. I have done virus removal before and my work new it. Therefore, when they got this virus I'm the first person they looked at. I'm now confident I have removed the virus, and I'm hoping that it didn't access any of the credit card info stored in the system. (I might add that they actually paid for the virus so the charges are being disputed and a new card issued.) I'm not certified and warned them to go to a professional, but they don't wanna spend the money. Regardless, I've gotten off topic.

What brings me to the forum is this, I need advice on what security to recommend. I'm already installing a computer that accesses public wifi so they stop using the main computer to access facebook, ect... As far as an antivirus for a business, I haven't the slightest. I'm figuring they will want a pretty strict firewall, considering the only thing that should be accessing the computer online is the POS system and the credit card companies. Anyone have a clue what I should advise them?
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  1. I forgot to mention, they are running XP Pro
  2. My advice to them would be to pay a professional to advise them. It's easy to get security wrong and a POS system is surely important enough to be properly protected.
  3. gabriele_23- I am almost positive I removed the entire virus. Key word- ALMOST. lol. I followed a guide very similar to the one you gave me. In task manager it was ggn.exe.

    ijack-I believe they should have hired a professional from the beginning. They are trying to save a dollar which I personally think is stupid. In the beginning I had someone from the credit card company breathing down my neck preaching that each individual credit card number that is stolen is a $3000-5000 fine. If it was my business that alone would have sent me running to a pro. I would say I'm adequate at home virus removal, so I'm praying I got this one.

    Are the business editions of popular anti-viruses that much different from their home versions?
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