How to setup 2 internet - 2 routers - as 1 LAN

So here's my setup.

i have my own internet connection - shared with my brother.

my cousin (next house) have their own internet connection too.

So it looks like this:

Now, we just want to connect both our LANs so we can share files and play LAN games.

So we simply connect both routers with a LAN cable.

The problem is, it disabled the other internet and only used the one of them.

Help please or at lease point me to the right direction on what to do.
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    1. Write down the IP addresses (IP, DNS, Gateway) the computers and routers currently use.
    (Before the connecting cable is used.)

    2. Manually assign static address to the computers. Using the DNS address you wrote down.

    3. Assign an address to the router LAN address. The two routers should not have the same LAN address.

    4. Turn off DHCP on both routers.

    House 1
    Router LAN -
    Computer 1 IP -
    Computer 1 - DNS
    Computer 1 Gateway -

    Computer 2 IP -
    Computer 2 - DNS
    Computer 2 Gateway -

    House 2
    Router LAN -
    Computer 1 IP -
    Computer 1 - DNS
    Computer 1 Gateway -

    Computer 2 IP -
    Computer 2 - DNS
    Computer 2 Gateway -
  2. Or, if you felt like a project and had an old computer laying around, the fun way would be load balancing between the two internet connections so each of the computers share both internet connections. If you download torrents it would double you're speed too (won't do anything for the speed of direct downloads).

    using pfsense (or similar) on an old pc, using a vlan to keep it to one cable running between the two locations, and a bunch of fun writing all the rules (all https goes out this internet connection only, etc.) here is how it would look:

    How the 4 computers would see it:

    I really doubt you'll be doing this, I mostly just wanted an excuse to break out paintbrush :)

    Did you get it running as lyleb suggested?
  3. Hi,

    Do you have any instructions how to set up this type of connection?

    We have 2 internet routers, se we are trying to find best solution for balancing.

  4. best solution is to buy a dual wan router.
    otherwise, see solution above.

    what's missing is the subnet settings. i barely manage to make it work as describe above.
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