Another Case Recommendation Thread

Ok system specs first,

Asus P6TD Deluxe
Intel i7 920 (@4GHz+ if I can get it)
6GB (3x2GB) Corsair Dominator with fan
1000W Corsair PSU
3 or 4 HDDs
1 or 2 5.25 Drives
This cpu cooler
And a pair of GTX 295

A case with a side mounted fan is essential because a good amount of my GTX295s heat gets thrown back into the case (I already own the 295s and my case atm to stop the side of the case from heating up and thus heating the air up more I have a 120mm fan lent against the the GPUs to help throw the air up to where most the fans are) anyway, having a look around and I've found a few candidates. (The fact there all Coolermaster is probably down to the site I'm buying from, I have no problem using another make or getting from another site its just more convenient ^^)
I'm a little worried about the depth of this case and if its going to be a little tight with the 295s in there.
I'm leaning towards this one due to its size and the ability to mount a 3x120mm rad on the top, but thats nether here nor there.

So really I just want to know if there are any better cases that I've overlooked or any anyone has a better idea of what I should get, case budge of around £150, or <$300.

Thanks in advance :)

:) Skid :)
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  1. Of the ones listed I like the HAF 932. Can you get the Antec 1200 in the UK? The Antec would be my choice. I have not upgraded yet but I am going to order one soon.

    I know you cant order from here but just to check it out
  2. +1 on HAF 932. Of those cases, it seems to offer the most airflow and is wide enough to fit big coolers and a side fan. And from experience, the case is very nice to build in.
  3. Yer the HAF 932 does look like it has better air flow, however I did manage to find this thead: which would greatly improve the airflow of the cosmos, space isn't a problem in ether of them.
    The Antec 1200 is available in the UK although its not as wide as the other cases (only 213mm).

    Anyone got any other views or experiences they can share with the group?
  4. All three cases you mentioned are very good.

    I have the Coolermaster HAF 932. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. It is a huge case that can accomodate longer video cards.

    You also might want to consider the Lancool Dragon Lord series of cases. Lancool is a subsidiary of Lian Li. The Dragon Lord series of cases feature many of the Lian Li innovative features:

    Here is a link to a video review of the K60 version case without the window on the side panel:
  5. CM690, HAF922 or HAF932.
  6. Thanks guys, I ordered the HAF932, turns out the COSMOS S side fan gets in the way of larger heat sinks anyway.
  7. I'm gonna echo the Antec 1200 and HAF 932 choices. There a great review comparing these right here on THG.,2105.html

    The HAF has one feature I kinda like which is its fans have adapters for Molex - 3 pin on the fans but I found the styling a bit too aggressive for my tastes and I removed all the Antec's Molex pins anyway so I could sleeve the wires and put a 3 pin connector on when I was done.
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