Help me with my RAM timing?

I found all of the following entries (provided in image) in the BIOS of my motherboard, and I changed ONLY the timings they provided in CPU-Z screen that shows the XMP profile timings for my RAM to run at 1600. Here are those timings:

However, there were still quite a few more timings that I left on AUTO in my BIOS because this program doesn't show me what to pick as you can see! What do I do about those timings? Just leave them on auto? Does anyone have the same RAM (this OCZ 3x2gb) and Motherboard (this ASRock X58 Extreme) as me?

So far I have found out:

DRAM Frequency - 800 MHz
tCL - 8
tRCD - 8
tRP - 8
tRAS - 24
tRC (tR#C?)- 36 (note: I didn't actually see tRC in my BIOS, but I saw only one of the other timing options with a tR#C, # being some letter I forget at the moment..hope you get what I mean).
Voltage - 1.65 V

Once again the questions is: How/What do I set all of my timings for my RAM so that it runs at 1600 instead of 1066? I have an ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard if that helps. There are still more options other than these in the timings screen of the BIOS. Do I leave those on AUTO and change the rest to what CPU-Z showed me? If not, what do I set them all to? Thanks for all the help!! :)
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  1. It looks like you made the necessary changes in the BIOS. Now run memtest86+ on a floppy, cd, or USB stick. Boot to memtest+ instead of your OS, and let it run the RAM error tests - no errors, and you're good.
  2. So the rest of the timings in my BIOS can be left on AUTO?
  3. Also, do I leave uncore frequency to AUTO?
  4. Set the memory voltage to 1.65v.
    The rest can be set to AUTO.
    Sorry can't see your picture here at work.
    Run CPU-Z and verify memory speed and timings.
  5. update: Tried settings to 1.654v for DRAM voltage while DRAM Freq was at 800..froze again.

    Tried same voltage with XMP Profile-1 (1600), froze again.

    Looks like I need to set EVERYTHING manually, does anyone know what settings to use? This is looking extremely complicated. I am also talking on OCZ forums with hope to get an answer (apparently many many people with OCZ DDR3 1600 and the ASRock board are having this problem :( )
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