Budget build to play Supreme Commander

I'm building a budget (~NZ$ 1200) PC in the next couple of weeks. The most important app is Supreme Commander. I also want to use Ubuntu. I think these parts have good linux support--the Radeon 4000's seem well supported by ATI.

SupComm seems to multicore well, judging by benchmarks, so I went quad core. The Phenom X4 looks like the best quad core performer at my price range.

Other than that I've gone for what I think is a reasonable gaming PC for my budget.

Does this build look good? Any bottlenecks? Anything too excessive? Will it handle Supreme Commander?

Phenom X4 9950 -- NZ$275

ASRock 790GX -- NZ$225

2x2GB DDR2-1066 Kingston HyperX -- NZ$140

Radeon HD 4850 1GB -- NZ$210

LanCool PC-K56 -- I might have trouble sourcing this -- ~NZ$200?

PSU: TBD -- ~NZD200?

And I have monitor, hard drives, keyboard, and mouse

I'm going to use pricespy.co.nz to find the cheapest sources once I decide what I'm getting.
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  1. That'll play it fine...It played reasonably well on my xp2800+ with a gig of ram and 7600 gs. It played well until unit numbers were maxed, so this shoukd handle it no sweat. OH, also ram very well on my 5400 x2 64 /8800gts 512 after that :)
  2. IMO you shouldnt go for that phenom, the phenom2 on the other hand is a way better choise
  3. Also not a huge fan of asrock (bad expierence)
    and go for pc 6400 (800mhz) mem, since 1066 just is overclocked 800 ram
    and please dont go cheap on the PSU you will regret that, try brands like corsair, antec you dont need that many watt if you go for quallity 400-500 watt should do you fine
  4. I agree go Phenom 2 for the same price.
  5. Here's a good PSU from the list you cited:

    Corsair 450W VX-450 ATX Power Supply 120mm fan PCI-E Graphic $121.78 OCZone Auckland, online, pick-ups ok, shipping charged per item. 12 Jul 03:41 -$5.88 on 10 Jul 09, 11AM

    Note that it is listed by several other vendors at slightly higher prices. I am not familiar with the vendors on the list at all.

    This will handle the system you listed very comfortably. Should you wish to step up to have more power for major enhancements later, you can get the 550w version of the same model. On the same shopping list - prices for the 550w start at $169
  6. royalcrown said:
    I agree go Phenom 2 for the same price.

    Phenom X4 9950 (2.6 GHz) AM2+ -- NZ$275

    Phenom 2 X4 920 (2.8 GHz) AM2+ -- NZ$325

    How much more performance am I going to get from a 2.8Ghz Phenom 2? Is it worth the NZ$50?

    I could also go for AM3:

    Phenom 2 X4 810 (2.6 GHz) AM3 -- NZ$290

    But if I go AM3 then the motherboard costs more and I might need to go to DD3 RAM.

    Will a Phenom 2 2.6GHz AM3 run much better than a Phenom 1 2.6GHz AM2+?
    Anonymous said:
    Also not a huge fan of asrock (bad expierence)

    I'm going with ASRock because I've had many bad experiences with Gigabyte. Can you recommend some good motherboard manufacturers?
  7. 9950 vs 920

    9950 vs 810

    Not a huge performance increase, but the Phenom IIs run a lot cooler, consume less power and are more efficient. They also overclock better, if you're into that.
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