Mid size Mid size with good airflow...

I am getting a new case because some retarded kid made a huge dent in it. Of the following would you guys pick?

Cooler Master Storm Scout (sniper is REALLY big for mid tower)
Lian Li Lancool PC-k62 or k60 (Same features but the inside is not painted, but w/e there is no windows anyway)
Antec Nine Hundred Two - Overrated and could use much better fans
Silver stone Rv02, which is way bigger than any other mid size towers.

For scout i am going to get additional side fans, but it wont have any dust filters, but Lian li has all the tool-less design
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    The Lancool Dragon Lord series was just introduced two months ago. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling appear to be excellent. In addition the case has a lot of Lian Li innovative features. I plan on getting the PC-K60 for my next build.

    The other three cases you mentioned are all very good. Sometimes case selection is a matter of personal preference.
  2. Lian Li has some of the best built cases IMO. If you can afford it, go for that one! I also like the Storm Scout, but I'm just a CM kinda guy :).
  3. my point is , when i look at picture of the CM, it looks like the large graphics card would block vent from the front intake to the cpu. thats just what i see, correct me if i am wrong.
  4. the cm looks like it has better vent because of the side fans?
  5. IMO, the 902 deserves its accolades, has same fans as the 1200 which I am quite happy with (tho I changed out the molex connectors for 3 pin jobs on all but the front fans).
  6. i see, how about the antec 300
  7. The Antec Three Hundred is popular with gamers on a tight budget. Interior space is going to be tight but it can be done.
  8. I have the 300. Got it on sale for 39.99. If you add a couple cheap 120mm intake fans to the front (I paid about 20.00 for 2 tricool leds) the airflow improves dramatically. It's very sturdy and doesn't feel 'cheap' like some other budget cases. I also fit an aftermarket cpu cooler and have room for 2 GPUs albiet smaller ones (8-8.5"). You could probably fit a longer GPU but you might have to move some things around. W/the extra 2 fans though, your airflow will still be very good.
  9. What about the NZXT panzer box and tempest, not many people use these but they have good airflow right?
  10. unlimitedro said:
    What about the NZXT panzer box and tempest, not many people use these but they have good airflow right?

    I really like them both, Panzerbox has more room (see this month's SBM) but is a bit pricey.

    I love the tempest. It's solid, has good airflow and I really like the looks. It's got enough flair to stand out but isn't gaudy or juvenile like a lot of game cases are. My next build will proably be with this case.
  11. From what I have read online, the 5870 will not fit in the Storm Scout
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