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I'm building a video editing workstation and generally spending close to two grand for the total value. I'm mostly doing a ton of AVCHD video editing. I'm making sure that this workstation will be able to edit HD footage as well as being capable for doing 3D rendering in the near future via ACAD, 3DS, and Maya.

Here are my specs: (Comment for any concerns or ideas to make it better.)

Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit
Processor: Intel Core i7 920 (Overclocking to at least 3.8GHz)
Memory: 12GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600
Boot Drive: RAID 0 - Western Digital 3x80GB @ 7200RPM
Media Cache Drive: MATRIX RAID 0 - 500GB Samsung Spinpoint 3x1TB @ 7200RPM
Storage Drive: MATRIX RAID 5 - 2500GB Samsung Spinpoint 3x1TB @ 7200RPM

Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme Intel X58
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
Cooler: Ultra ChillTec 939 Thermal Electric
Drive: Lite-On IHAS124
Power Supply: Xion Supernova 800W Modular Power
Controller For Premiere Pro: Contour ShuttlePro V2

I will be splitting my three Spinpoints via an Intel Matrix Raid; 500GB will be used for the rendering/media cache in a Raid 0 array, and 2500GB will be used for storing purposes in a Raid 5 array.

My boot drive will run off three Western Digital Caviar Blue 80GB drives in a Raid 0 array. I'm not worried about redundancy; I can always re-install the OS and applications. I expect read speed to be at least somewhere around 200MBs, if not, better.

The Asus Rampage II Extreme supports the ICH10R chipset, so it is more than capable of utilizing both a Matrix Raid array and a regular Raid 0 array for the OS.

I'm assuming 800W of modular power will be enough to support this full workstation? I'll be using the ShuttlePro V2 for video editing keystrokes and a more productive workflow.

I'm also thinking about upgrading to a Quadro FX3800 in the future when I can afford it. For now, I'll stick with the GTS 250.

The exact price for everything including shipping from FRYS, TigerDirect, and NewEgg is: $1,903.73

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  1. What monitor are you planning on using?
    Dell 2408wfp is well priced for its performance.

    I don't understand why you pick for 3x 80GB drives? Could you please explain?

    I would recommend 3.8, there was an article just posted regarding 920 OC and it optimally runs at 3.6-3.8 =] just a heads up
  2. I'll be using the 3x 80GB in a Raid 0 array for my operating system and my applications, so my computer will boot up a lot faster as well as my programs. Striping it in three drives would give me about 230-240GBs of hard drive space, which is more than enough for the OS.
  3. Looks very similar to my upcoming build. One thing I'd recommend is a GTX260 card (its only slightly more expensive) as CS4 is starting to rely more on graphics processor performance.
  4. First... The MOST Critical... Change your PSU to either PC Power&Cooling 910w Silencer or Corsair TX850/HX850 (non-modular/modular). You don't want a cheap brand for your PSU.

    Second... Change your RAM to OCZ Platinum 1600. It is normally cheaper & has better timings.

    Third.... I would look at a SSD for OS over 3 WD 80GB's in RAID0. You are going to get the best sleeps with a SSD.

    Fourth.... I agree with Twofruitz on going wit the GTX260.
  5. For an i7 build, with the money I'm saving between an OCZ Platinum and a Corsair XMS3, and the fact that I would 'hardly' notice a difference realistically, I think I might stay with the XMS3. I checked on NewEgg and the XMS3 is about ten dollars cheaper than the Platinum.

    If I wasn't going to use the sleep, would I benefit from just one SSD? Originally I had two SSDs in my build in a Raid 0 array, but it was far too pricey. Mind you, I'm trying to stay under a budget. Having three Caviar Blue 80GBs in a Raid 0 array would probably be almost as fast as having two solid state disks.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the GTX 260. I found an EVGA GeForce GTX 260 at 216 cores and is already superclocked. I think it's $169.99 at TigerDirect, which is just ten dollars more than my previous GTS 250. More stream processors is good, right?

    As with the Xion Supernova 800W, I have had good experiences with it. I have used it in an earlier build I used, and it worked perfectly. For the price, it's only $124.99 compared to the Corsair Modular which is $184.99. I understand Corsair is known for their name and builds, but saving money and 'knowing' that this Xion PSU can handle it is more than enough for me.
  6. Sorry... I met speeds not sleeps! :D I typed the post on my IPhone so messed up the spelling. 1 SSD will be just ad fast or maybe a little faster then your RAID & even faster as a RAID setup.

    I guess the OCZ prices have went up... They must got a clue on how popular they were & raised prices.

    If you feel comfortable with the Xion, I'm okay with that decision.
  7. I went ahead and upgraded to two Super Talent UltraDrive 32GBs to put in a Raid 0 array for my operating system and applications. That or a Patriot Warp 32gb? What do you think?

    Here are my revised specs:

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
    Boot Drive: RAID 0 - Super Talent UltraDrive 2x32GB SSD (Average Read @ 230MBs)


    Boot Drive: RAID 0 - Patriot Warp 2x32GB SSDAVG (Average Read @ 175MBs)

    The Super Talents cost ten dollars more than the Patriots.
  8. I would go with the Super Talents for just $10 more... Better read times
  9. Hi, I have a work station that I build and I want to know what advice you might have for mi, I have a ASUS m4a89gtd pro usb 3, with a AMD 965 running at 3.4 G , I got 8 gig of patriot DDR3 at 1600mz , now I have the adobe cs5 master collection , I am putting a gtx560 in it, I got 4 Seagate barracudas at 7600 rpm HDD with a total of 4TB, I am considering putting a SSD of 80 gigs for my OS which is windows 7 64 bit , I have done some editing of video of which I am going to be working of my Panasonic HMC 70 which is AVCHD and it has done a good job so far .

    I do have some questions, for example, what’s the real difference in the AMD and Pentium chipsets, some say Pentium for video and other say AMD for graphics and 3D, I want to be able to work with video and sound without having to wait long hours for the render of it, and I want to be able to do some light 3D and after effects to so tell me what could I do to make it beater or to configure it beater

    What do you think about this system I have no RAID yet, and I am considering up grading to 16 gig of ddr3 memory
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