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Hey all, just a quick newbie question, i recently bought a Corsair TX750W power supply for my first build and on the box it says it has 6/8 SATA connnectors can't remember which it's not with me atm. Anyway I opened it up and in the endless intestines of cables there was only 2 visible SATA connectors and all the rest were 4 pin, 24 pin and molex? (6 pin) connectors but only 2 SATA power connectors.
Any ideas? :o
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  1. IF you are sure, RMA.
  2. Yeah if you are sure RMA looking at mine ( side of this old Ultra case wont really fit since I added 4th and 5th HDDs) 5 in use and 3 open making for 8.
  3. Mine has two SATA cables, each with four connectors. A friend built an i7 system with a TX750. his also has 8 SATA connectors.
  4. Two connectors, or two cables? It should only have two cables containing SATA connectors, but they should have more than one connector on each cable.
  5. My corsair 450w has 6 sata connectors - surely yours would have that or more
  6. ^5 +1 what cjl said.

    The Corsair TX750 has two SATA power cables. Each cable has 4 SATA connectors for a total of 8 connections.
  7. Right, thanks guys i'll take another look. 4 in 1 cable? won't that be a pain in the arse to connect them all up if they are 5 - 10 CM apart or are they designed so that you pretty much have one row of them for the hard drives and 1 row for the optical drives sorta thing
    Thanks all for your help :D
  8. I like a beer too now and then,

  9. The connectors have a proper amount of spacing between each to allow for installation flexibility.
  10. Yes, but I'd prefer 3 cables, each with three connectors for a little more flexibility. Otherwise great PSU.
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