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any idea for how to make a cricket wireless um100 usb wireless data card work in windows 7 64 bit?
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    Since your card was not compatible with Vista SP2, I suspect Cricket is not supporting it with Win7. To stay with Cricket, I think you will have to upgrade your card to one that does support Win7.
  2. if you have enterprise edition or better go to, download xp mode and other file that goes with it... install like they say, and after restart start xp mode. it is a fully working copy of win xp sp3. install cricket cd when it says install device, put it in go to top where it says usb or something attach the utstarcom um100. it will show up installing driver n win7 (you should see both os at same time... freaked me out) take modem out install cd in win7 and you are set. kinda long but it works i am using one right now, bought the new green cricket modem first and i was mad cause if i had known i woulda kept my money
  3. also... by the way i have a gateway nv52 laptop amd64 x2 dual core running win7 ultimate 64bit
  4. I don't know why people just like discouraging others by simply telling them "you can't do it" when they don't even know what they are talking about. If you don't know the right answer, why try giving one?

    The UM100 CAN be installed in any 64 bit system. You just have to go and update the driver manually once it's installed. Here's what I did to make it work.

    1.Double-click the quicklinkmobile.exe application from cricket. It will unpack a folder with the installation files in the same folder the quicklinkmobile.exe app is residing.

    2.Go in that folder and click on start.exe, then click on install quick link mobile. Go through the normal setup as you normally would.

    3.Once it finishes installing, connect your UM100 UTStarcom modem on a free USB Port. Don't open the Cricket Wireless application just yet.

    4. Go to start menu, right click on Computer and select properties. Then click on device manager on the left. You will find the UM100 modem has an exclamation point on it.

    5.Right click it and select update driver. Select "Browse my computer for driver" Option at the bottom. Click on Browse to select a driver from a location, then navigate to your root drive (usually C: and sometimes D:) then to Program Files (x86)/Cricket/Quick Link Mobile/System

    6.Make sure you navigate to this cricket wireless installation folder. It should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cricket\QuickLink Mobile\System. Once you find it click ok. Make sure "Include subfolders" is selected under it. Click on "next" and now it will install the driver.

    7. After it installs, it will create two more Unknown devices with exclamation points. Wait a couple of minutes for the system to finish up installing that one before you continue with this instructions.

    8. Now repeat steps 5 and 6 above for each of the two unknown devices until there are no more devices with exclamation points in device manager.

    9. Now open Up Cricket Wireless application on your desktop or start menu, and continue with the normal modem activation of the wizard that appears. That's it! It will now detect the modem and activate it. Allowing you to use it.

    10. Go and find whoever said you couldn't use this modem on 64-bit systems and punch them in the face.

    11. Call me so I can punch them in the face again.

    12. Enjoy your newly installed UTStarcom UM100 cricket modem on your 64 bit system. Ask Cricket to update their website with this information. Punch them in the face too for the sake of completeness.
  5. Gramps 22, you couldn't be more helpfull and i really apriciate that. You just save about 100 bucks. THANK YOU very much. And as for those "sales people" that just want you to spent your money i just going to say that there is always other solutions and people that want to help.
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