Emachines dvd/cd drive dont work

my EMachines model W265o CD/DVD disc drive quit working, it worked good one day and the next it didn't work when i install a disc the disc icon appears beside the curser but nothing happens. the drive acts like it wants to turn but it don't it just makes kind of a grunting noise. I did s a system restore from my computer using F11 but that didn't help. also my SYSTEM RESTORE does not work either. need help
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  1. Things fail all the time, the cheap component like that should not be problem at all, just get new one,, it cost 20$ for cd/dvd reader/writer. you can even get it for 20$ in CompUSA (if u got it near you) and get it installed for free if u don't know how to (last time i checked with them)
    I newer found it worthwhile even to attempt to fix,, UNLESS you know some1 maybe stuck something in there (trash, papers,) like kids playing
  2. it has died!
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