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Hello Tom's Hardware,

I have an NVIDIA GTX 280 connected to both a Samsung 20" LCD and an LG 32" LCD TV. My problem is as follows: I can't quite figure out how to make certain programs run on one monitor, while having other programs running on another.

For example, I want Call of Duty to be displayed at my desk, but I would like DVD movies to play onto my TV (yes, I'm using my computer as a DVD and Blu-Ray player :S).

Is there a simpler way than entering the NVIDIA control panel and changing which monitor is "primary?" This is not a long process but it becomes annoying, as I'm sure you could all imagine...

I would greatly appreciate any help with this, and I'm sure this is the place to ask.

Thanks in advance!
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    Check out a program called Ultramon.

    I think it can do what you want, and it's a must-have program if you have multiple monitors.
    You can do all sorts of things, and it also makes it very easy to switch what's the primary monitor (much easier than Nvidia control panel).

    At least I think you can select which programs to run on what monitor, even though I never use that feature myself.
  2. Thanks, I'll try it out and post an update ASAP!
  3. I have 2 setup like this...

    1st setup(NVIDIA) is 24 Inch Display @ 1920 x 1200; 52 Inch HDTV 1080P, Video card is GTX 280.

    Game runs on Primary Display which you can designate from Windows Display Properties. I don't change anything on Nvidia Control Panel. If i want to play on the 52 inch HDTV then i designate it as primary display and the other as extension & VICE VERSA.

    My Software Blue Ray Player is PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra

    The NVIDIA Setup is much flexible and stable.

    My second setup is(ATI)

    24 Inch Display @ 1080P; 70 Inch HDTV @ 1080P, Video Card XOC 4890

    Blue Ray Software Player is Power DVD Ultra 7.3

    The Game play on Primary Display.... Primary display designation is set on CCC and windows Display Properties.

    ====== Common to both setup =============

    OS is Vista Ultimate-64
    Power DVD will play on Secondary or Primary Display.... I drag it by a mouse to the display i want to use.

    All Video connection using HDMI(Audio/Video)....

    Audio on HDMI only comes out on PRIMARY DISPLAY.

    As you can see i got it to work on both NVDIA GTX 280 and ATi XOC 4890.

    Note: Start your Movie first before starting your game....Game is bigger load than the movie. Blue Ray movie is about 7% of the CPU load... No big deal.

    Both setup is run by a QUAD CORE Q6600. One is with 4GByte and the other with 8Gbyte of memory.

    Yes you can play on your LCD screen then play Blue Ray on your HDTV. PowerDVD will run on any of the two. Just drag it by the mouse then maximize it.

    Other application such as CAD tools, office tools, graphics tools will work just fine on any or in between the two display. The two display is one big Display work space. Just drag the application with your mouse on which display you wish to use.

    Enjoy your setup
  4. Alright! Ultramon is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!

    I would highly recommend this program for anyone running a similar setup - it's incredibly simple, and it allows me to choose what monitor a given program will open with!

    Thanks again, I hope this thread helps others as well!
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