Dual screen with SLI using prim. card for both screens?

Okay, so I've read hundreds of times you can't use SLI with multiple screens.. I dunno if this is still the case with the bigger and better hardware / software / drives available but I just wanted to check..

I plan on buying two XFX GTX 260's in a few weeks time, and would love to get a second 22" or maybe even a 30" monitor.

My question is, if the primary graphics card has two DVI outputs, can I use that to run two monitors.. but still have SLI enabled?

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  1. Yes, it will work fine. The only card who's outputs will work will be the primary card though. You will only be able to use 2 displays in total.
  2. Awesome, Thanks daedalus685.

    I had to check because I seen a few posts (not here I must admit ;)) were people are saying they would love another 19" or whatever but they can't because their 8800's are in SLI etc.. and I've always thought well just use the top cards ports?

    Great news, I'll start my search for another monitor tonight!!
  3. Back in the day you couldn't use dual displays with SLI or crossfire. That has not been the case for some time though.
  4. ^ I'm fairly sure that SLI can still only output to one screen.

    but CF can do two.
  5. Awwh what, so no nvidia sli dual screen jazz? :(
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