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When I installed the Lite on Blu-Ray drive I plugged it into a SATA port on my Motherboard the computer would not boot. I have 4 SATA ports on my MB and I have my HDisk drive in the first port and my Sony DVD drive in the 2nd one, both working fine, I tryed unplugging the Sony, and replacing it with the Lite on...still won't boot, checked the BIOS to make sure of the boot priority it checks out ok.\r\n
I also have a SATA card in a PCI EXpress slot for a 2TB external drive. I mention this just FYI, I do not think this card is the issue.

It seems that as soon as I plug the Lite On into any SATA port the computer will not boot.
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  1. Swap your SATA cable (on the Lite-On) to see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, the device may be defective and I would suggest returning/replacing it.
  2. is the sata port for the bluray burner active in the bios!
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