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A while back my laptop was attacked by the Widows security 2012 virus and nearly knocked out my whole system. The fix worked really well for about 2 weeks and then it crashed. It now can only startup with the recovery disk. Although, I now must hold the shift key down when starting up and about every 3rd time it's asking for my smartcard reader. Since I don't know what that means and why it's asking for it , it then just goes into dos and ask for the f10 setup key which actually does nothing but makes the screen go black.


Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions ???
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  1. Looks to me like your BIOS may be infected or corrupted. A smart card has nothing to do with booting a computer, so asking for one could be a virus in search of a means to spread.
    After a recent virus infection, it’s possible the virus wasn’t removed and it may have moved to the BIOS. The F10 key making the screen go black instead of accessing the BIOS.. indicates it’s acting up due to possible infection.. it could also mean it’s just corrupted but whatever it is, should be cleared up after resetting the BIOS.

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