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I installed the wireless router onto my pc. Now I want to connect the laptop to the pc wirelessly. Do I need to install the router on my laptop too. I dont know what to do from there. The pc works fine and goes onto the internet. The laptop doesnt recognize any networks. Laptop not connected to any networks. thanks for any advice.
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  1. No, the router is freestanding.

    What you need to do is configure your computer's wireless adapter utilities (or Windows Networking). If it's a recent model the laptop will have a wireless adapter, or you may have to install one -- probably a USB or PCMCIA device.

    Detect your router on the laptop wirelessly and (connect using an ethernet cable initially or use the desktop to access the router's setup screens) note wireless security settings in the router and match that setting at the wireless adapter.

    You may need to refer to your router's setup guide.
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