USB issue GA-EP45-UD3P v1.1

I have this board approx. 1 year. About 1 month ago noticed and issue with a USB hub. Any device plugged into hub would give me a message "this device can perfom faster ................" These devices were all highspeed USB devices. It was a Cyberhome powered hub that i had for over 3 years so i figured the hub was crapping out. I did have an old Belkin 1.1 hub that i had over 10 years on another channel figured that might be causing an issue. Last week took some Xmas money and purchased a new Belkin hub and a generic (Inland) 7 port hub to replace them.
Well the generic hub works great. The Belkin hub gives me all kinds of trouble.(devices not recognized, devices disapearing right in the middle of file transfers and so on). I have also become aware that USB ports on back of motherboard doing the same thing ..Some work error free some dont.
Now i have 2 OS installations on this computer. 1 Win7 Ultimate 64bit and 1 WinXP pro on seperate hardrives. i get errors in both OS's so i dont think it is OS or software related. All drivers are up to date. I know how Gigabyte boards are not USB freindly so all unecessary Bios settings are disabled. Am I missing anything or do i fear it is a hardware failure. Returning a motherboard is never an easy process. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try "cleaning out" all drivers first, then reinstall the latest version. If you really wanna try fixing things, try reformatting and reinstalling everything. Just be sure to back things up first!
  2. Not sure it is an operating system issue. As i said this occurs on 2 seperate OS installs on seperate hardrives.I have uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers, rolled back drivers,uninstalled devices.
  3. My guess - first thing to do is get on the knees and examine the ports - may simply be clogged up with dust/pet hair - they are awful 'collectors', and eventually, you'll get poor contacts that will make the devices themselves behave intermittently...
  4. @ bilbat....I appreciate the suggestion. Tried that. Recently had cleaned out case but i did use compressed air to blow out all ports.
    @ r_maniac.... I downloaded a neat utility USBDeview
    Cleaned out all devices and let windows reinstall. it helped but some ports simply dont work. Gonna try and contact Gigabyte
  5. Everything is working again ????. This issue seemed to start out of the blue. As strange as it was it seems to have stopped just the same. Everything is working . I can plug anything into my motherboard and and it works? All i can think of is one of the cables was bad and i changed it, or unkinked it ..... I dont know but i tried everything.... BTW 3 days and still no response from Gigabyte. Thank everyone for thier help.
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