Why is my Cpu underclocked ?

Okay my CPU is a T6400 Core 2 Duo clocked a 2.0GHz per core from intels specs but i thought i would try CPU ID to check out my full system specs and it was showing my multiplier is at x6 not x10 but my bus speed is still a 200mhz so what do i do.I cant change my multiplier through my BIOS so what do i do

T6400 specs


Can you guys please help me please.
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  1. To save energy and to run cooler at idle. Make it work and it will jump to full speed. You can visit Intel to read about their Speedstep technology. There also is an explanation of what Speedstep does at the link that you provided.
  2. Yep what he said.

    CPU slows down when you're not using it to save power. Once you actually give it something to do, it goes back to the higher multiplier. This has positive benefits only, and should only ever be disabled if it causes instability (which it hasn't for me) on big overclocks.
  3. okay now i get it thank you so much but now i called a service for my hp laptop so gotta cancel that =)
  4. Since were on the topic of cpu under/overclocking can i overclock my cpu with a bios lock by flashing it and how can i keep the multiplier on 10 all the time
  5. You can't overclock an HP laptop. Their coolers are designed to handle non-overclocked CPUs (as with most laptops). If it isn't fast enough, then you'll have to buy a faster one.
  6. There is no point keeping the multiplier at 10x, unless your goal is to reduce battery life and increase heat output. It only drops to 6x when you don't need it.

    I let my overclocked machine at home do this as well. On a laptop it's very useful, because it will allow your battery to run for longer and it wont heat up as much when you're doing something simple like writing in MS Word. It'll also run cooler, and extend the life of the processor.

    I wouldn't overclock a laptop due to heat reasons, and HP wont have overclocking in their BIOS. If you're keen to do some overclocking, you'll really need a desktop PC.
  7. how about upgrading the cpu to a t9300
  8. Call HP to confirm it'll work on your machine, and I'd recommend getting a tech to install it.

    It'll give you around a 25% performance increase as far as CPU stuff goes. I personally wouldn't bother, but if you're keen enough, can't see why it'd be a problem. Both chips have the same FSB, seems to be the same socket, just a higher multiplier.
  9. xypro86 said:
    how about upgrading the cpu to a t9300
    Does your laptop support it, i.e., was it available with that CPU and if so, why did you order it with a T6400?
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