New Gaming Build $900-$1000 - Ordering Today!!



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard, OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: Got some stuff.. Just need an ASUS mobo, DVD burner (SATA?), vid card, and monitor!

I want to have a solid mobo that can overclock a bit (never done it but might look into it a little bit) and be able to drop another video card in a year or 2 if need. I dont mind spending on a good motherboard if it will mean I will have less problems.

I'm looking at prob a 20 or 21" monitor and 4870 graphics card

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe a little bit

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: In the future.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080? I'm looking at prob a 21" monitor?

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm looking to build a new and reliable gaming rig for approx $1000.

My Setup So Far:

Monitor: Solid 20 or 21" that can be adjusted

Graphics: 4870?

Mobo/CPU Combo: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ955FBGIBOX - Retail and an ASUS AM3 (exclusively?) mobo COMBO (since I've bought from them before).

Optical Drive: Is a SATA DVD burner the fastest I hear? Wanted to buy this but they just discontinued it!! [...] 6827151171 $25.99

CPU Cooler: [...] 6835207006 $29.99 ($14.99 after $15.00 Mail-In Rebate)
Sunbeam CR-CCTF92-4 92mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler W/TX-2 - Retail

^^^^ Was recommended but is it good??

Thermal Paste: Differences if any between different tubes?

Sorry I have such vague specifications but lately computer technology has gotten hard to keep up with.. Pretty much just looking for a good and reliable/stable gaming rig that can handle decent games at max graphics (don't need to run crysis at max lol)..

Thanks Again and anything is appreciated!! I love this forum!
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  1. What games are you going to be playing because this really fast AMD dual-core processor ( could run many games like a boss... and you could both invest more money in a graphics card and save some for future upgrades! Let me know if this works for you or not, either way I can build a possible system for you. (Edit: By build I mean pick out the parts.)
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I would want to go with the quad core because I run several simulation and engineering programs which the quad core should help out on and so I don't have to consider future upgrades for a long time!

    Also is there any differences on the thermal paste I should get for installing the processor? thanks!
  3. If you buy the retail version of the processor (the one that comes with the fan) then thermal paste is not necessary it comes with a thermal pad already in place. Also, you can really use the stock cooling for the CPU unless you plan on overclocking right away. The 4890 is an excellent card and so is the 4870 for a little cheaper. Here is a good SATA DVD Burner - the speed advantage to SATA is not that great but the round cables make cable management and airflow much better. Here is a link to one at Tiger: Let me know if you need more help/info.
  4. I think this is what I'm going to go for..

    Does anyone have any comments or suggestions especially on the mobo and vid card????

    Also I still could use monitor suggestions (whats a good resolution to aim towards??) and should I use thermal paste instead of the stock thermal pad if I am going to stick with the stock cpu 955 fan??
  5. If you're not going to OC, then what comes in the box will be enough. If you do want an aftermarket cooler, both the 92 and 120mm Sunbeam core contact freezer are exceptional deals. Also comes with a tube of Tuniq TX-2 goo that received a B+ on a 80 way head to head comparision.

    For the monitor, 1900x1080 would be lowest I'd go with you're set up. $180-$200. Might even have enough left over to step up to a 4890 too. You'd see a 10% performance gain over the 4870.
  6. Kept the 4870 and get another one when the prices get lower. A 4890 is a waste of money. The second best card on the market is actually the 2X4870, so getting a Crossfire setup of two 4870 is actually a good idea.
  7. Also, get a stronger Power supply, at least 750W. You don't want to be forced to get another one later, so put 25$ more and get another one.

    If you can afford the Corsair 750HX or the 850HX, just do it... they are rated 80+ gold.
  8. Thanks alot for the replys!

    I'm going to keep the 4870 as planned and is the Corsair 750TX PSU good enough? It's only ten more bucks and I think it'd be great. I don't plan on upgrading this PC for at least a few years, if at all (I'm guessing in a few years my gaming will go down substantially).

    For the monitor are there any 20 or 21" monitors that have high resolutions like 1920 or that you guys think are really good? I dont want to go more than 20 or even 21 inches cause I don't have that much room and the monitor will be pretty close to me so maybe 1920 resolution is overkill??

    Any suggestions and advice are appreciated! Also, I mostly play fps and rts games so nothing crazy like crysis! Thanks again.
  9. redgarl said:
    Also, get a stronger Power supply, at least 750W. You don't want to be forced to get another one later, so put 25$ more and get another one.

    If you can afford the Corsair 750HX or the 850HX, just do it... they are rated 80+ gold.

    The 650TX is a certified PSU for crossfired 4870s and the 4890 uses a smidge less power if I remember correctly. So no need to spend more on a PSU unless you're running a lot of extra drives. Radeon™ HD 4870
  10. 20" monitors will cap at 1650x1050

    21.5" monitors will be 1920x1080. So if you watch any movies on your system, I'd go with the 21.5 since it supports full HD. As for brands, I can't be any help there. Heres a link to the 21.5 monitors:

    As for an extra $10 for the 750, doubt you'd use it, but if you want the security of knowing theres more head room, can't go wrong with it either.
  11. Ok well I guess I will keep the 650TX then!? I will only be running one 640GB HD, DVD burner, 955, 4870, an external hard drive and maybe a wireless internet card.. so nothing crazy, if the 650TX can handle that I will keep it then? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys I just have a couple last questions before I go ahead and buy the parts...

    For the monitor I'm trying to choose between these 2 monitors.. Does anyone know anything about the specs or quality that would distinguish them? The contrast ratio is different and I am curious about that.

    Here is my maybe final part list.. Comment on anything that doesnt look good or has a better alternative! Thanks!!

  13. Monitors are the same spec for spec. The asus has audio out that the acer doesn't. The asus has an orange power button and the acer is blue i believe. To someone that has all blue leds in their case, that becomes an important feature :P

    Build looks good and solid. Is the mobo a 790FX or 790GX?
  14. The mobo is a 790FX.. and I was looking at this monitor but it seems to have similar specs as well.
  15. Looks like the stand is the biggest difference to me.

    The 790FX will be better if you xfire, so good choice.
  16. Is the ASUS mobo that I have below more cost effective than the one I originally picked (ASUS M4A79T Deluxe)?? There is a 35 dollar difference for the 955 combo and one has the 790GX and the other 790FX.. I only plan on doing very little overclocking if any so I'm thinking that the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe might be unnecessary for my build?? I don't really understand the chipset differences so some help would be great!!

    ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

    versus original

    ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AM3 DDR3 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
  17. The GX has 2 PCIe x16 slots, but if you have 2 graphics cards, they can only run at 8x/8x. So if you are planning on adding a second 4870 down the line, you'd be better off with the FX. It runs dual cards at 16x/16x. But the 8x/8x of the GX will still be a good platform, just a little bit of a bottle neck at 1920x1080. Anything higher res than that, and you will want the FX.

    Also, the GX does not naturally support 1600mhz ram. It will, but you'll have to OC the board to get there.

    Overclocking will be the same on both boards.
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