Question about GTX 570 and dual displays

I've recently ordered my first gaming rig, including a EVGA GTX 570. I plan to use dual displays, with cpu/gpu temp, other info on a secondary display and use the main display for gaming.

Sorry if this is a newb question, but can the GTX 570 render both the game on the primary display and keep up with the secondary display as well?

Also, do the 2 screens have to be in the same resolution? I already 24" 16:9 TN display and looking into a another 24" IPS display, but the one I'm interested in is current a 16:10, will that still work?
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  1. The displays doesn't have to have the same resolution, size or shape (16:10 or 16:9 or w/e). The GFX will be able to handle both game and additional screen at the same time, but I'd recommend to not put highly resource-intensive stuff on both while playing games. Keeping a music player, voice chat app or something similar open though, is fine. GPU is potent enough to handle this
  2. Not to worry.

    I have a GTX580 attached to two 2560 x 1600 monitors.
    Games get directed to the primary monitor, and static stuff like e-mail to the other.
    I see no difference in performance.
    In the past, I used a 5870 for gaming, and a cheap 3450 for the secondary, the idea being to reduce the resources taken from gaming. It did not seem to make a difference in performance. Video quality on the 3450 was poor.
    I could use the same idea on this, but so far, I see no need.

    As to different screen resolutions, it will function with no problem.
    You will see a size shape and cropping when you drag a window from one monitor to another.
    If you can, make the second monitor identical to the first.
    Not only will you have a seamless operation, but the color quality will be the same.
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