Can't get graphics card to work and I think PSU went bad in the proces

Can't get graphics card to work and I think PSU went bad in the process

I am having problems getting my GF GTX 275 graphics card to work. I put the PC together and loaded Windows XP (including all updates), updated the BIOS, and downloaded the latest drivers for the graphics card. In the 8th hour of trying to get the graphics card to work, the PSU starting making a continuous clicking/knocking sound. Now nothing works. Any suggestions on how to get the graphics card to work and does my PSU have enough power?

CPU: AMD|PH II X3 720 BK AM3 2.8G RT
HD: 500G|HITC 7K 16M HDP725050GLA360
MB: ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 790GX/SB750 RT
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  1. The Antec EA 650 is a great power supply and yes it does have enough power. Are all these parts new or have you been using that power supply for some time? Maybe you got a bad PSU and you need a RMA.
  2. All the parts are brand new. I ordered them from newegg two days ago.
  3. Assuming you are correct and the noise is coming from the psu - and assuming *nothing* works now:

    1) Remove the graphics card, hook up your screen to the onboard graphics, and see if you can get something working. If not, its most likely your psu. If you get a new one, make sure you test it using the onboard graphics first.

    2) What do you mean by "couldn't get the275 working"? No video at all, video only during BIOS, blue screens or shutdowns . . . what?
  4. Once the PSU starting making noise I took out the 275 and tried to get the onboard graphics working. I still did not get a picture. Sometimes I would not get any picture at all, no BIOS or anything just a black screen.
    Before the PSU starting making noise a couple of time I got a picture with a bunch of white lines. I could make out some stuff. Could my video card be broke?
  5. If the 275 isn't installed and you fail trying to use onboard graphics, you have a problem elsewhere.

    If its making noise, you should RMA the psu immediately.

    When you get the new one, try onboard graphics first. Get the pc running and do a Prime95 torture test monitoring temperatures with RealTemp.

    If that runs OK, you can insert your 275 and try again, knowing that you basic PC is functioning.
  6. It sounds like the PSU, a faulty PSU could lead to all the symptoms you described even if the GPU is fine.

    Even the best brands have bad days, sounds like you got unlucky with that Antec PSU, normally and excellent brand.

    "Clunking" noise could just be that something inside like a wire that is lose is hitting the fan blades, and otherwise the PSU actually works, in which case I would blame the MB. However it sounds at this point like the PSU is to blame. If replacing the PSU doesn't fix your problem, then I would look at the MB next.
  7. I purchased a new PSU from Best Buy and installed it. I still get the same clicking sound. No way two PSUs are bad. I am guessing the PSU is not the problem. Maybe something somehow is getting shorting on my MB and the PSU's OCP is causing the clicking noise. Antec is not open for customer service until Monday so I guess I will ask them exactly what the clicking noise is.
  8. You might be able to isolate the noise by assembling the parts outside the case, and spreading them out.

    In any case, there's a list of stuff to look at, including breadboarding, in the link jsc posted.
  9. I was assuming that we were given accurate info in the OP...

    The clicking sound is going to be one of two things: either you have a bad hard drive and the drive head is hitting the stoppers, or a fan somewhere is rubbing on something/wires getting in the way. Neither of these problems would be causing what is going on with your PC.

    If something is causing a short, your PSU will just shut down instantaneously most likely, you wouldn't have time for a repeated clicking noise. Give the checklist a read through, and give us a play by play of what happens when you hit the power button.
  10. And can you clarify what "not working" means? I am very impressed that you were able to load an OS without any video signal.
  11. I've had a same problem with my Antec 430 Watt ATX12V power supply. My NVidia graphics card no longer works (GeForce 8400 GS I think). The PSU made clicking sounds for around three months until the graphics card failed to launch one day. My PC attempts to boot up and I hear a clicking sound when the graphics card is installed . After a while the PC restarts and bypasses the graphics card all together. It then boots up with the onboard graphics card. Once I take out the grahics card no clicking.

    The card works well in another PC. Does this mean the PSU is faulty?
  12. In my case, the PSU was not faulty. I concluded that my graphics card was bad and was pulling more current than the PSU could provide. I called Antec and they claimed they have never heard of this problem, which is hard to believe. I bought a new Antec PSU and it did the exact same thing. So I sent back my graphics card and mobo. Once I recieved the new parts and hooked everything up, both PSUs worked fine ( no knocking ). So I took the second PSU back and used the original.

    In your case my guess is you are pulling to much current from the PSU when the graphics card is connected. How many watts is the PSU rated for in the PC the graphics card works in?
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