PLEASE HELP- geforce 8500 gt 512 mb

Hello ALL! Im new at this forum stuff and thought maybe you guys could help fix this problem I am having...Currently my grafix card is a Nvidia****GEforce 8500 gt 512 mb****.......I have a dual monitor display which works AWESOME! What I am trying to do is somehow connect my 42in PLASMA TV to my computer so that the computer's desktop will show up on the TV screen....I have been STUMPED now for about 6 weeks....I have tried all the obvious (at least to me) possible connections....and I just can't get anything ot appear on my TV...on the card itself it has the 2 monitor slots and an S VIDEO slot.... Ive tried everything possible with that S Video cable to make it work...I was thinking that it is probably a setting on the computer somewhere...I don't know...

Is there anyone that can shed some light on this situation for me? It would be greatly APPRECIATED...

After all is said and done....I am trying to watch downloaded movies that I can get on my computer very easily to be able to watch on my TV in the other room....Ive bought a Media Extender which works amazingly....but that doesn't show my desktop on the just shows the Media Center stuff....

Once again,
thanks in advance for any help....

the new guy! lol
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  1. Well what kind of inputs does the plasma TV have? You may need an HDMI to VGA or HDMI to DVI converter cable.
  2. You have to select the input on the TV set...
  3. The Plasma TV has a AV2 S Video Input slot that I have been trying....I connected the S Video cable to the TV and the Video Card but nothing happened...of course....nothing is that simple!
  4. Try a DVI converter because S Video is analog and i'm willing to bet that your TV is not analog since its plasma.
  5. I googled a DVI converter and am going to need some more help on this as I found thousands of them....I have no clue as to what to even look for!
  6. is s video the only output on the tv?
  7. I don't think a converter is going to do anything.....because there is a"PC" input source on my TV Screen..... but stilll does ot show my computer's desktop or anything for that matter! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    I just wanna watch movies from my computer on my Plasma TV.....thats all! I don't need to fly to the moon or anything! lol
  8. Take a deep breath and calm down lol.

    Please list all the connectors your TV is equipped with.
  9. Connections on back of the TV:
    Rear A/V connections
    2 HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface
    Composite video inputs-1
    Component video inputs (Y,Pb,Pr)-2
    S-Video and composite video inputs-1
    PC (RGB) input
    RS232 input
    Side A/V connections
    S-video and composite video inputs
    Headphone jack
    Rear output jacks
    Ant. (RF)- 1
    Audio monitor out
    Digital Audio (coaxial)- 1
    Digital Audio (optical)- 1

    On the video card is the 2 slots for my curret monitors and an empty S VIDEO slot. No I noticed that this S Video slot does fit a normal S Video cable...and if you look even closer to the has quite a few more (prong holes?) that the normal S Video cable...
  10. Try an HDMI to DVI cable! The rest seem to be Analog signals there is a huge difference between analog and digital signals. DVI deals with digital and s video is analog. Your graphics card might not take an analog but it sure as hell will take digital I promise you that since there's a DVI port on it.
  11. These cards only support 2 outputs at once. Try disabling one monitor in the nvidia control panel and then enabling the tv.
  12. Im having the same issue with cableing up my pc to my 42'' plasma tv. i am using a dvi to hdmi adapter and using a 6' hdmi cable to my tv. i have tried all the different settings but none of them work! can somebody please help me!
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