1st Time OC Temp/voltage question

Hi all,

I just OC'd my new i7 2600k chip and am getting the following results:
Core Spd: 4400 MHz
Core Voltage: 1.304
Core Temps: 65C - 75C on 100% load using Prime 95 for 40 minutes.

This is running stable.

I would like the temps to be a bit lower and may move the multiplier back to 43 or 42. However, before doing that, I wanted to ask opinions. I've read a lot of material before doing this but I don't understand the correlation between the core voltage and heat. Should I try lowering the core voltage? If I do, will that lower the temps? Or do I want more core voltage?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!

For ref:
Asus P8Z68 V Pro
I7 2600K
Coolmaster 212+
Coolmaster HAF 912
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  1. I have almost the same set-up, except i have a 2500k. I would try to gradually lower your vcore until you get lowest stable setting (mine is 4.4 @ 1.280 vcore). If you are at the lowest, than it could possibly be that the 212+ needs to be reseated, or you may have too much/too little thermal paste applied. And finally, ambient temp plays a big part in cpu temps, so if it is 10 degrees hotter in your house now than it was a month ago you will see it in your cpu temps.
  2. Thanks for the advice! What interval should I use to lower the vcore, 1.304 to 1.303, etc?

    In terms of ensuring the right amount of TC and a properly seated 212+, how would I know?

    Currently, at stock speeds, the chip idles around 30C and hits ~50C maxed out. OC'ing to 4.4 I get the afore mentioned temps. With the stock fan the ASUS bios read 60C to start out with so before even installing the OS I bought a new fan because that temp felt way to high.

    I cleaned off the chip and subsequently used arctic silver, put the rice sized blob, and spread using a plastic encased finger and then mounted the cooler. THis is my first pc build but I followed all the instructions I could find.

    I freely admit that human error could play a significant part of these errors...
  3. Very gradually, one or two clicks at a time, reboot and run a stress testing program (i run 20 passes of linx). look for tutorial for your brand of paste (I know artic silver has quite a few)....are you using push/pull on the 212+, also what is the ambient temp in the room where rig is set up.
  4. Ambient temps are 23C. I'm only using one fan on the 212+. The rear case fan is about 5" away from the radiator and that is my "pull". Would a fan on the other side of the radiator make that significant of a difference?

    I didn't review the arctic silver instructions; I used the amount specified on the newegg series for building a computer. i'll check out the arctic silver articles. I can always do this again as I have plenty of tc left.

    Btw, thank you for the responses. I appreciate it!
  5. No problem, The difference in adding a push fan to your 212+ will not be huge (maybe a degree or two) but it does help. You could try putting two skythe gentle typhoons's on the 212+ and that might give you a couple extra degree's. Also I like to use my front and side fans on my case as intake fans, and the rear and top as exhaust fans for optimal airflow.
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