Help, Is my new XFX HD4850 Faulty?

I bought a XFX HD4850 last week, finally got round to building my system yesterday.

All parts are new and installed Win 7 beta 64.

The problem I noticed was when I wanted to test the 3D power and installed Performance Test by Pass mark and it wouldn't run the complex test, gives up a error.

So when to ATI Catalyst control centre and tried testing the system on over drive utility with STOCK clock and it fails every time! ?

Tried installing an old game I had "Test Drive" and it plays fine but its a old 3D game.

Why is it keep failing the "Custom Clock Test" at stock clocks of 625 and 993?

Help? :(
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  1. Hmmm.. It turns out if I disable my motherboard's (a 790GX) IGP (Integrated graphics) the test passes.

    It must be confusing the graphics cards, even though Im selecting the 4850 it must be trying to run it off the Integrated graphics card??
  2. Anyone else with a 790GX got this problem?
  3. Can u test it with a different OS? because u have tested with Beta version of windows so u may run in to some problems
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