How is my overclock looking Phenom 560 x2

no cores unlocked Phenom x2 560
Asus M4N75TD
2 4GB sticks of 1066ddr3 gskill ram
RaidMax 530watt psu
hd4530 video card

4ghz (mult at 20) fsb 200

HT 2000mhz, NB 2000mhz

cpu voltage is at 1.475 in the bios but cpu z says its at 1.48ish range.

Im running prime right now and its looking good but havnt had it running for an hour yet. I ran it before and it gave me a hardware failure message so i changed the RAM voltage from 1.5 to auto and now prime hasnt failed right away like it was.

I was getting bsod on boot up but increasing the voltage to 1.475 fixed that. My temps at full load are 37c max so far. My cooler is a stock unit from an older phenom 1 x4. Its deff better than the stock unit for the 560 but nothing fancy.

4ghz is my main goal. does a cpu voltage of 1.475-1.48 sound right? how about reliability.. will running a voltage that high cause the chip to burn out even thought he temps have stayed under 40c?
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  1. i was running the "small" test in prime for 20min and it was good to go

    switched to the "large" (stresses ram and such) and worked 2 failed instantly where as worker 1 kept going.

    whats the deal with that? memory? my timing is loose as it is 8 8 8 20 when it should be 7 7 7 18 for running at 1066mhz (533 in cpu z as expected)

    memory voltage set to auto.. i cant seem to find out the actually voltage when im in windows.

    i dumbed down my timing to 8 8 8 8 24 and made it run at 800mhz.. still had same issue. Not sure if thats how im supposed to go about it but ill drop the cpu speed and see if i can get a stable speed before i press on

    could the ram be to slow? i can try running it at a higher speed with 8 8 8 20 timings?

    edit: these guy where able to run at 4.2ghz @ 1.53ghz. i failed prime (sometimes failed, sometimes bsod) with 4ghz @ 1.52ghz according to cpuz. either my cpu isnt up to the task or something else in the system dosnt like the high clock speed.

    temps have yet to hit 40c full load even when voltage was at 1.52v
  2. I would put the RAM back to spec and set the Multi. to 3.9 GHz or Multi x19.5@1.45v pull just a touch off the voltage...for sure put the RAM back to mfg. specs ...Which RAM modules are you using? small fft's for 8 hours and the blend test for 8 hours....Then you can max it out completely with the large fft's test....also run memtest86 to check your memory for errors after you change all the settings back mfg. specs..
  3. i edited my second post btw

    right now im running a blend test with the flowing settings

    3.8ghz (mult 19) 1.456v (cpu z, the bios the voltage is a little different.. not sure why this is.)

    ram settings are at 8 8 8 20 (asus board put them this way for the first boot up, g skill lists them at 7 7 7 18)

    ill try your post if this dosnt work. its been 10min so far so good.

    this is my exact ram
  4. Okay i was stable for 15min so i stopped it and made the following changes

    mult 19.5 (3.9ghz)
    ram timing 7 7 7 18
    voltage set at 1.4625 (i had it at this for 3.8ghz but cpu z shows a 1.472voltage

    can to much voltage cause instability? im going for another 15min and if its stable ill drop the volt to 1.45 for another 15min and if its still good ill let it run while i got to work (should have a 4 hour shift to night) and check it when i get home
  5. bsod with the settings in my previous post.

    ill revert to my 3.8ghz settings and run small ffts or whatever while im at work. hopefully 3.8 is stable.

    is there an app that will monitor ram voltage.. its set to 1.5 but i wonder what it really is.

    when i get home im going to look up all the voltage specs for my board instead of leaving them at auto.

    small ffts for 20min so far so good.
  6. got home from work and found my computer in sleep mode! :facepalm:

    booted up and it had ran for 4.5hours without errors. ran it for an hour or two after that and still no errors. decided to start over with my power settings corrected. ill let it run all night

    just so we are on the same page my specs right now are

    cpu at 3.8ghz (mult change only)
    cpu volt @ 1.440 according to cpuz (bios has it set at 1.45) I did change this, it was at 1.4625 in the bios (1.47 cpuz) when it was stable for those 4 hours

    ram 7 7 7 18 1.5volt (stock settings according to gskill)

    NB and HT 2000mhz (stock speed)
  7. You could properly try a vcore voltage as low as 1.39-1.42v ...and still maintain stability and keep the chip cooler...BTW..check and see if your RAM will handle a little more voltage some DDR3 go up to may just need to bump up the RAM voltage a touch for the tighter timings to get stable...Whats the command rate....either 2T or 1T....?
  8. i have them at 2t but they where set at 1t

    the sticky said to use 2t until im stable

    ill do some research for my ram. i have it at 1.5 but im sure 1.55 would help? if im understanding right, if i can pass the small fft test but not he blend test, it means i have a memory issue?

    what about northbridge voltage? i dont even know what that means!

    i just saw that a guy has his 560 at 4ghz stable with a voltage of 1.4 How is that even possible.
  9. set them to mfg. specs and 7-7-7-18-1T...and check to see if you can put the voltage up to 1.6v
  10. The Northbridge is the memory controller in essence....look for NB voltage in BIOS and set the voltage to 1.1v in most cases
  11. im in the bios as we speak

    i have the timing at spec along with 1t

    (the dimms dont get hot to the touch with 1.5v btw) "As long as you're stable you can leave the other settings as is, 1.575 is a safe voltage. ASRock mobos often seem to set the DRAM Voltage a little higher than needed, so if you like, you can try lowering, maybe to 1.55 then 1.525 the 1.5, just ensure you maintain stability....One more thing, do you have the latest BIOS? 1.2? if not, can be found here:" off a gskill forum from a guy named "gskill tech" hmm

    im wondering about northbridge voltage. I hear you can run 1.2v the defualt setting is auto but in the info thing it says it "standard, 1.10v" Maybe thats too low for stable 4ghz??

    im booting up now with the following

    cpu 3.9ghz @ 1.45v

    ram 7 7 7 18 1t @ 1.6v

    NB voltage auto (1.10)?
  12. Auto NB should be fine for now...
  13. so should i be stessing on small ffts for now? i can let it run all night (assuming it dosnt error while im still awake)
  14. small fft's 8 hours, blend 8 hours, and then max it out with large fft's 8 the temps in large fft's ....everything gets process for stability so make sure you got the settings you want before starting the testing process
  15. sounds good man.

    how should i check the ram temp? there isnt a sensor that im aware of. My temps have yet to hit 38C at load (small fft or blend, dosnt matter)

    but im worried about the ram now with the 1.6v and not being able to see whats going on. should i be able to feel the warmth. my old ddr2 ram never got warm and neither does the new ddr3 im using (when at 1.5v though)
  16. dammit

    failed already. Only worker 2 though.. "hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

    worked 1 kept running as if it was fine. temps still maxing at 34-35C

    voltage bump? im at 1.45v in cpuz.

    edit: im should pull out one of my ram sticks for this shouldnt i.. no need for 8gb right now.. especialy when i could fry everything.
  17. put a little voltage to it....just a little vcore....try again...perhaps 1.47
  18. i guess ill try that but i dont think thats the issue

    i ran 3.8ghz for 4 hours on this voltage, upping to 3.9ghz would warrent an increase in voltage perhapps but that dosnt explain how others are getting 4ghz out of 1.4v. i call bs on that.

    windows is updating so its taking forever to shutdown!

    ill try the vcore in a second.
  19. PSu is your issue .. RaidMax 530watt psu !
  20. My 4.0GHz is stable at 1.464v
  21. lowjack989 said:
    My 4.0GHz is stable at 1.464v

    and its a quad.. i shouldnt need that much voltage

    like that guy just said, could it be my cpu? i didnt think i was uing that much power? my video card dosnt even require a 3pin connector.

    Its funny that my psu says its sli and crossfire ready, yeah right. but i would hope it could handle a high powered cpu
  22. You think PSU henydiah? Hes only running a 4530 vid card and a dual core....Maybe I guess if its going bad its worth trying if he has a different known working PSU to try that theory.
  23. Always buy at least an 80+ cert. PSU....I had to push my friends build X2-- 550 BE...on up there voltage wise to maintain stability above 3.8 GHZ----> 3.9 GHz@1.515v--->4.0 GHz@1.534v....
  24. the only atx psu i have that i could try is lower powered (450w? in my moms desktop)

    im going to try the newegg calc and see what that thinks
  25. Actually it could be your MOBO limiting your OC...sometimes thats the case
  26. not sure how effeient my current supply is

    its an asus m4n75td "the god of overclocking" lol i would expect it to let me hit 4ghz.
  27. not safely in too long !
  28. asus is telling me i need a min of 400W for the following

    desktop mobo
    amd phenom 560
    2 ddr3 sticks
    4350 video card (same as mine? didnt list mine as an option)
    5 case fans (i have 4 not including cpu fan)
    2 hdd and 1 dvd RW
    3usb devices
    1 wireless pci card

    thats all i have running. not sure if my psu is up to that challenge, what do you guys think? 400 isnt counting an overclock so maybe this is my issue
  29. henydiah said:
    not safely in too long !


    im going to revert to all stock settings but have them set manually (no auto bs) and see if i run stable all night, im getting tired

    thats my psu, i really like it. im into the led fan and its quiet. The modular cables are a big plus too! Not sure if its up to the task though... what do you guys think

    i got it because it was about 50$ and the reviews where solid. it was meant for an am2+ dual core with intergrated graphics. nothing fancy. I happend to recenntly upgrade to am3 BE and drop in my video card.

    sorry about the spelling, firefox dosnt want to correct for some reason and im TIRED , ill check back in the morning. (and my username has nothing to do with the browser :P )
  31. Ok, it's all up to you, I'm here can only give advice only.
  32. i dont think the psu is the issue. it might be pushing the limit but i dont plan on do any major upgrading right now but if i ever do ill get a better psu

    I set the cpu voltage to 1.525 in the bios (CPU Z reads 1.504v)

    i then had the cpu running at 4.1ghz (mult only)

    memory timings at spec with 1.5v.

    booted right up but froze once i hit full load. I backed the cpu to 3.9ghz and booted up again. SAME voltage as before. Ive been prime stable with blend test for an hour now. Not saying its going to be stable all day but its looking good. max temp was 37, its hovering at 35.

    my concern is cpu z showing a 1.504 volt when i had it set at 1.525. I dont think this is the psu running out of power though because no matter what i set the voltage at, cpu z reads it a little less. Im not sure what to trust as far as voltage. IT shouldnt matter much though right? as long as my temps are good. They have never gone over 40c and im damn proud of that with this little cooler. it dosnt get hot to the touch either so i know the temp is correct.

    so as of now im running blend test on 3.9ghz but sense its "acting" stable i might switch to small ffts and run it for 8 hours and then the blend for 8 and then the large fft for 8.
  33. you are experiencing vdroop....I usually compensate a bit for it by raising the volts just a very little bit to combat it during loading situations...vdroop is a common thing for MOBO to do when put under load...and it pulls the voltage down to where the OC is unstable during stressing scenerios...My MOBO actually increases voltage by .025v during loading
  34. it dosnt seem to ever change while in windows.. it just sits lower. Maybe thats why i wasnt stable at 4ghz. i might have overlooked it. The guy who had his at 4.1 was at 5.25v when looking at cpuz

    now im tempted to try to up the voltage and sit at 4ghz again and see what i can do.
  35. Just be careful when the voltage starts getting up past the 1.525v mark....and watch them temps....idle temp does not matter its load temps that matter
  36. well you where right, voltage dropped from 1.55 at idle to 1.52 at full load

    4ghz, blend test. Lets see if i can get an hour out of it and go from there.

    edit: dont worry about temps, im sitting right here watching it (joy of having two desktops in one spot) also have core temp set to "stand by" if temp gets to 48C
  37. Good deal.....fingers crossed for ya...if its stable at those settings...make a note of all of them....BTW...its good to keep an OC log document working and not working settings...I have a whole five subject notebook filled with OC notes on my comes in quite handy let me tell you
  38. yep, ive been logging what works and what does not

    i just came home to a bsod. hopefully prime keeps a log of what happend?

    what should i do now? voltage?
  39. So 4.0 at 1.55 didn't do it? You might have to accept 3.9 GHz as you max OC on that set-up....3.9 GHz is nothing to sneeze at ....thats damn fast....its a 500 GHz OC right? the 560 is 3.4 GHz stock?
  40. its actually a 3.3ghz stock.

    im 100% satisfied with a 3.6ghz in all honesty. im coming from a ahthlon 5000+ @ 3ghz somewhat stable :P with no l3 cache!

    i had it at 1.535v when under load it dropped to 1.52v I went in the bios and changed the core voltage to 1.55 and when im under load it drops to 1.536. so far so good but we will have to wait and see

    full load temps in small ffts is maxing at 40c right now.. ave 39

    If this dosnt work ill back off to 3.9 and call it good. hopefully 3.9 can get 24hours stable

    edit: i am prime stable for an hour so far. small ffts. high 40C ave 39.
  41. 2 hours stable at 4ghz small ffts


    edit: 3 hours stable. I leave here at 4 45ish and will prolly get back around 9. hopefully the 8 hours of ffts has no errors!
  42. Stable for 10 hours on small ffts

    max temp of 40c, likes to sit at 38

    Time for the blend test
  43. Right on glad to see its going strong..thats a stable CPU OC...fingers crossed for ya...on the Blend....Outstanding temps too.....That gives you a little more OC headroom....actually at those temps alot of OC headroom....but you are already at the top of the voltage scale
  44. Nice guide lowjack :) , he system very cool
  45. I wouldnt belive the temp reading but the heatsink is actually cool to the touch!

    ITs just a old amd quad heatsink and fan with artic silver. didnt think it would work that well. I had trouble unlcoking the cores but im not worried about it with this speed.

    thanks for your help, hopefully it works out
  46. I know his system is super frosty right.....I wish I could get 40c prime temps......
  47. NP...foxxx...glad I could help get ya stable....remember to pick a best answer so the thread can be closed....Don't hesitate to start another thread if you have anymore questions
  48. I was thinking i should wait until I get both blend and large ftts stable for 8 hours?

    or do you think shes good to go?
  49. Best answer
    CPU is stable as per 10 hrs. prime95 small fft's....thats pretty darn stable, blend will test the RAM stability, and large fft's taxes everything...Oh, IMHO I think your good to go..
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