Semi-final check for i7 build



SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, surfing the internet, photo/video editing, watching movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: CASE AND POWERSUPPLY, keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel/Nvidia/Evga/Asus/Gigabyte/OCZ/Corsair- most brands are A-OK with me, I really just want the best quality without breaking the bank

OVERCLOCKING: Yes SLI: Yes, in the future


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Several things, I've been out of the loop for 3 weeks (camping) so if there's anything I need to know that is important, please help. It's really hard to catch up on 3 weeks of news in one night. Also, before I left I bought an Antec 1200 and an Antec CP-850 (850W) PSU as a combo deal. That was 240$, which explains the oddity that is my budget.
I have no idea what motherboard to buy. I was going to go with Evga, then Asus, then Gigabyte. At most, I'd only do 2 SLI, but I'm wondering if any new features that might come out where I use a third PCI-E 16x/8x/4x slot for an accessory. So, if possible I would like a 3rd PCI-E slot, but I would also like the most reliable and stable board, and if that meant only 2xPCI-E slots, than that's OK.

Lastly, I have little idea of what RAM to get. I was thinking OCZ Platnium, but I just want solid RAM for under 100$.

3 things about my wishlist:

1. I have an Asus P6T b/c it's the board I'm considering right now, for the price I want.

2. I have no Ram, so 100$ is my Maximum, I would prefer to pay 80-90$.

3. I am getting the GTX 275 Superclocked, b/c it's just as cheap as the standard GTX 275. If there's any way I can drop the price down by 10-50$, and advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, TH is the best.
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  1. I think you are good to go.
    I used patriot ddr3-1600 ram without a problem on the P6T deluxe. Read the mobo manual and put the sticks in the orange slots if you only have three.
    $75 after rebate.
    Get a small tube of as-5 or mx-2 thermal paste for your cooler.
  2. That RAM looks good, I was thinking of getting a GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4P for 260$ with a 20$ MIR, it has everything I want, with 16x/16x/8x PCIE slots. My only issue is that my friend strongly reccomends going with Asus or Evga. Should I pay the extra 20$ and get an Asus P6T V2. There's a -45$ combo deal with an Intel i7 920, which would bring the price below that of the Gigabyte model w/o the MIR. Any advice?
  3. I just found the Evga SLI LE, and I want to know if it supports 16x/16x SLI? Does anyone know? The specs for it are a little shaky, and it's hard to determine whether or not I can run dual 16x SLI...

    Edit: Just discovered that it's 16/8/4/8 which is not what I wanted. Should I just go with the Asus P6T Deluxe V2 and get the Combo deal?
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