Zalman CNPS9700 LED vs. CNPS9900 LED

Hi guys,
I have E6550 and trying to oc it to 3.2ghz at least.
I found pretty good deals for 9700 and 9900.
My case is Thermaltake SopranoRS. It says it's mid-tower, but to me, it looks pretty big. lol

anyways, what's the difference between 9700 and 9900 other than the prices. Is there a huge difference? or they're about the same?
Some people say 9700 is better cuz it less loud, but some people say 9900 is better cuz it came out later than 9700.

What do you guys think?
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    What kind of prices did you find on the 9700 and 9900? There are coolers out there that work better and cost less.

    FrostyTech Top Ten coolers
  2. $45 for either one. I already ordered 9700, but if 9900 is not a big difference from 9700 i dont wanna get bothered by returning it and wait for 9900.

    look at the temps for 9700 and 9900. 9700 is better and less loud.
    what you think about this? reliable?
  4. FrostyTech is known for good, independent reviews.
    The 9700 has been around for quite a while and for a time it was even on the FrostyTech top 10. It's since been replaced by newer, more modern and more effective coolers.
    Since you already ordered the 9700 - don't sweat it. You'll do OK (as long as it fits in your case).
  5. Yea. Thanks for a reply. I'm pretty sure 9700 fits in my case. I've seen a lot of people w/ my case tht has 9700.
  6. I expected it uses a smaller 110mm fan and so sits lower than many of the bigger 120mm fan tower heat sinks.
    I think you'll be happy with the 9700.
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