965BE. Air Cooler Help.

Hey guys.
I'm about to buy Phenom ii x4 965 BE, and I need a good CPU cooling.
I do not want to go Water Cooling, so I would like to find like the best,
Air Cooling.
Please Help me out.

My Case will be CM 690, if that helps with dimensions.
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  1. spire thermax 2, core contact freezer, no backplate, just clip in and enjoy
  2. Which would you recommend from Newegg. As i'll be buying my stuff from there, which would you recommend from them.
  3. Best answer

    the spire is a little better, but newegg doesnt hav it
  4. The next stepping has already been listed on provantage, I really doubt that It will be long before it is released.
  5. I was thinking about...


    From what some people say, it's a good cooler.
    What do you guys think? is the [...] 6835207004


  6. The CNPS9700 is not considered a good cooler.... well at least that is what I have heard from more than 5 users here on Toms that actually have it.....

    Go with the Core Contact just like xiara suggested....

    or you can try this one :

    ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 92mm Fluid Dynamic CPU Cooler - Retail
  7. or cooler master hyper 212
  8. the zalman is a good cooler.. its just more looks and not the best cooler.
    when it first came out there was only a couple better but since then many that equal or beat its performance have come out.

    That being said I wouldnt pay extra for it.
  9. But would a 3 pin work with 4pin connection on my Mobo?
  10. No, you can connect the fans to the fan headers on the board. The 4 pin fan header is for the CPU cooler.
  11. Well what i'm trying to get is..

    that's a CPU cooler right? but it has a 3 pin connector for the Fan, so it won't work with my MOBO?
  12. Yes it will work, I thought you wanted to connect a regular case fan on the 4 pin header instead of the CPU fan.....
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