Setting up WIFI "hotspot" at a business???

I am looking for info on how to set up wireless networking at a business location... It's a banquet hall/restaurant... fairly large building (about the size of a typical 2 floor movie theater like AMC or Loews)

I've worked on my home network plenty of times... Not sure if doing this at my business is the same?? Are there specific types of routers to handle that large of a volume (it will be for customers)? Any special considerations I would need to take??

Basically what I need to know is how are major hotspots set up... for example how do they set up a wireless network at a University, or Starbucks?? Do they just use one primary router, with a bunch of bridges/repeaters, or is there something I am not aware of??

*** Not sure if it's relevant, but in case you need to know... the entire banquet hall has wired T1 connection... Every office on both floors has ethernet connections leading back to a central "server" room.

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  1. BUMP! anyone??
  2. I'd look at setting up a WDS based wireless network. There is some useful info here
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