Windows corrupting repeatedly

the specs are pentium 4ht 3.00ghz
256 mb ram
40gb seagate ide hdd
i ball psu 400w
lg dvd writer
once i install reinstall xp..after few days it gets againg corrupted if i reinstall it again it gets again corrupted after few days whats the reason behind it..the problem wen i switch on cpu i can see the computer booting then when the windows xp boot screen appears the computer gets restarted.thats the problem
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    The problem is hardware... either the Power Supply is to weak, RAM is bad, lose or dirty, a power or digital cable is bad or lose, the processor is overheating.
    Less likely but still possible would be the HD has master boot record corruption... if checking the hardware doesnt solve the problem, try doing a clean installation... formatting the hard drive will rebuild the Master Boot Record... sometimes rebuilding it from the Recovery Console does it, but not always and you need to format the hard drive.

    Check the ram is properly seated in the sockets, and if nothing changes, run Memtest86 or Windows Memory Diagnostic

    Checking the Power Supply:

    24 pin PSU
    20 pin PSU
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