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I have no luck in letting my SOYO motherboard(P41845PEISA) to recognize the new 1GB Ram (PC2700 DDR-333) . I went to the bois setting and set the Memory frequincy to "Auto" with no luck.
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  1. Does the board post? Use cpuid to see how much of the ram the board uses. Each slot may be limited to 512 megs or less.
  2. from where do I get this "cpuid" please?
  3. By the way, I have the user manual for the mother board and it tells me that I can use up to 2G (1G/slot).but i found another note in this "quick start guide": system must have a 533MHz FSB CPU to have PC2700 memory support. How do I find if my proccessor is that type or not? I know how to deal with the bios settings.
  4. Use your favorite search engine. Cpuid is a free download. It will identify your cpu, ram speed and brand, plus the motherboard brand and chipset.
  5. Stop it, an 845 chipset motherboard is what, seven years old? Read your User Manual, that's what is was for!
  6. Ok, heres the info of my PC using CPUID:
    CPU: P4/ Intel/2.8GHz/Family F bus spped:133.3MHz/Rated FSB:533.4Mhz/socket 478 mPGA


    SPD: ( I Have 2x 256GBRams now)

    Module size 256MB
    Max Bandwidth: PC3200(200MHz)
    Manifacture: Kingstone

    So an chances to find a solution for my problem?
  7. maybe you able to help me out, I need manual of SY-P4VDA, I think it will me the wiring schematic for the power switch on an Soyo P4VDA motherboard
    which wires go on which pins..thanks for the help , my email is ,, appreciated
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