Black screen till xp starts - Gigabyte P43-ES3G

My new pc acts very strangely. When I start it, the screen stays for a while black, this until WinXP shows up. I tried to access setup by hitting Del, but nothing happens.
This black phase blocks me from running DVD or CD input, making my plan to upgrade to Windows 7 impossible.

What's wrong? Is there a way I can set it to normal?

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  1. Try removing the motherboard battery with the system off, then reinstall. You need to set the boot order to cd first to install windows 7. If you get the post screen, hit an f key which should be listed to enter the bios.
  2. Thanks, o1die.

    I tried, but but removing and replacing the battery failed to solve my problem/
    Is there anything else I can try?
  3. What are you using for a monitor. Please give type, make and model. It sounds like the video display is not recognizing the initial video. The BIOS screens run in native VGA mode, like 640x480 or something similar. The monitor needs to switch to that mode to display it.
  4. 1. My monitor is a SyncMaster 940BW.
    2. I've noticed another problem, which may be unrelated to the one reported: all my efforts to squeeze audio from the pc, failed. The system doesn't have an internal speaker, and therefore, I don't know if the BIOS produces an initialization audio. Still, I tried to connect a 5.1 loudspeaker system, but the system stays quite.

    My original suspicion was of a faulty MB, which may explain both the initial black screen and the lack of audio. Your suggestion leads to the existence of two unrelated problems.
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