Any point in overclocking with bottleneck?

Is there any point in overclocking the CPU if the GPU is the bottleneck in my system? I have a MSI Cyclone GTX 460 with 1 GB of memory and an Intel i5-2500k. I was running Crysis 2 with the task manager and a GPU-Z and saw that the GPU would reach 99% at times while the CPU would consistently stay below 50% (everything at stock settings). I know that it varies with each game, but the other games I have tried never reach 100% on either the GPU or CPU load (even though the GPU load is usually always a bit higher than the CPU usage).

My other specs are:
P67A-GD65 motherboard
8 GB DDR3 dual channel
500w rocket fish PSU (upgrading to a Corsair Enthusiast 750w)
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  1. Crytek "Maximum Game" ........ have you got the new DX 11 patch installed...even in DX 9 its very GPU intensive...there is no bottleneck the game is just using all of the card all of the time...Have you see that even the best vid cards have a hard time running the DX 11 patch at decent frame rates....Original question: You have a 'K' series SB so yeah OC that will help I am sure
  2. Cool, I'll do that then. Thanks.
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