i have a dell GX270 its 9 years old and i want to play some FPS games on it though i have a few other newer computers but i do not want to ruin them..... as my GX270 has viruses in it from downloading stuff.......
so i dont want to use my laptop to play games cos im using the laptop for school...

so i want to just use the GX270 for downloading games and playing games
the game i want to play is sudden attack, soldier fornt, crossfire, DOTA

but my graphics card sucks : MX 440 AGP8x

my comp is

pentium 4 2.8ghz....
1g ram...
80g hdd
19" monitor 1024x800
MX440 agp8x

i want to upgrade my video card and i have a few choices... and i live 6000miles from USA i dont want to get shipping form newegg

here are my choices

XFX GeForce FX-5200 128MB AGP
Gainward FX5500 256MB AGP VGA Card
i want something below SGD75 (i know thats real tight but the comp is 9 years old.... )

which do you think is good for the games i mentioned....
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  1. Neither of these cards are really worthwhile, imo...

    They're both step ups, but you won't see a world of difference.
  2. lol okay..............................=_=
    i know thers some cheap ATI card but all are out of stock.... then nvidia 6200 256mb? its like abit over the budget but nvm...
  3. Both of those options are pore, not enough of an upgrade to current to justify spending the cash.
    I would recommend saving a little longer and getting a 4670 512Mb AGP.
  4. Also, skip on the 6200.
    It is just as slow as the other two options.

    Take a look at this Graphics Card Hierarchy Matrix and use it as a base in your search.
    You should try and get something that is at least on the level of a 7600GS or 1650PRO.
    While both are slow by current standards, they are major upgrades to your current setup.
  5. Radeon 2600XT AGP or Radeon 3650 AGP. Those cards would be a big step up and really about as high as you should go as anything faster would be a waste with that really weak CPU. Anything less is just way too weak for moder games. As it is your CPU is on the low end of minimum requirements, if it meets them in the first place. Go with something like this

    A GeForce 5200 is way too low for any recent games and a 5500 might be enough to play games on the lowest settings. A 6200 isn't any better. A 7600GS or 1650PRO would be a good upgrade for you, but as outlw said they are still pretty slow. The price of a 3650 is a bit much to spend on such an old computer, but you should go with at least that if you actually want to be able to play games. I would also recommend you add more RAM to that computer.
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