DX38BT cycles boot every 5 seconds wont power up

In an effort to speedup Windows 7 64bit boot, I changed bios settings.
Now, Intel DX38BT cycles boot every 5 seconds, and won't power up. I followed Intel bios reset procedure, and now the system will not do anything, but recycle every 5 seconds. I replaced all DDR3, and the video card, still no change.
I removed all DDR3 memory and the system powered on.
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  1. Your ddr3 may have a different voltage requirement than the Intel board provides at the default bios settings. Check the voltage requirements of your ram; try posting with just one stick, and adjust the bios voltage setting if needed.
  2. It won't post with 1, 2, 3, or 4 DDR3,s. Apparently, this is a known problem with the Intel DX38BT. I'm sorry I bought this board, and I won't buy another Intel mobo. I'm getting ready to buy a GIGABYTE GA-790FXTA-UD5. I've built 2 pc's with AMD CPU's, and I could make changes to the bios anytime without having to buy another mobo. For now, I'm through with Intel.
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