So recently I bought components for and constructed a PC from scratch. I have a Coolermaster HAF 920 case and I want to dust-proof my computer somehow, as it sits on the ground and has already accumulated a lot of dust. I was wondering how I might go about this? I was thinking of slipping some dust filtering material in somewhere (in front of the intake vents) but I'm not sure what material to use etc.
I was wondering if someone could someone recommend a material to use or an alternative solution :)
Thanks for the help
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  1. I've heard of people buying air conditioning filters and cutting them up to fit in front of their fans. Putting an air purifier in the room your computer is also an option. You might also see an improvement if you build a little platform to get your computer off the ground. Hope this helps!
  2. here is how I dust-proofed my PC on a very low budget. not the finest dust proofing but it works well for me.
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