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I have an Asus M4A78 Plus motherboard and two SATA hard drives. I go into BIOS, change the SATA configuration to RAID, reboot and BIOS no longer detects my hard drives. I can go into the RAID configuration utility (after pressing CTRL+F on boot) and configure RAID or JBOD with no problem, but BIOS still doesn't detect my hard drives. I can set the chip back to SATA and everything's fine. I also tried using the RAIDXpert program that came with the motherboard, but that was also unable to see the drives. Why does BIOS not see my drives when I change the chip from SATA to RAID?
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  1. If your raid bios setting can be set to ide, try that. Also check your hardrive utility software. I use maxblast 5, and it detects new drives when windows or the board bios won't. But I've never tried it with a raid setup. Finally, are both sata hardrives identical?
  2. The BIOS only has SATA, RAID and AHCI. No, the drives are not identical, I was going to setup JBOD instead of RAID. They're the same brand, but one is bigger than the other, which is why I was going to use JBOD since RAID just truncates the bigger drive and you end up losing space.
  3. Just as a quick update, I flashed the BIOS to the most updated version and now the chip configuration has IDE, RAID and AHCI. It no longer has SATA as an option. I set it to RAID and BIOS stops detecting the drives again. The hard drives are connected to SATA1 and SATA2 on the motherboard. I also went back into RAIDXpert and it still didn't see my drives.
  4. Another update, I tried two identical drives with the exact same outcome. Apparently, this motherboard does not like RAID.
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