Paralyzed with indecision over which SATA III SSD(s) to buy

I've been waiting a little over a year for SSD prices to drop, particularly for SATA III drives, and now that there is some choice to have forced Crucial's prices down, I do not know which to get.

2 Intel 510 120 GB in a RAID 0 for about $550

2 Vertex 3 120 GB in a RAID 0 for about $600

1 Vertex 3 240 GB for about $550 (I might consider trying to set up a RAID array later, but considering how OCZ sources chips from so many different vendors I do not know if that would be possible)

2 Crucial C300 128 GB in RAID 0 for $400 (sale ends today)

1 Crucial C300 256 GB for about $425 (not sure if I would be able to put in a RAID array later with the C4 series coming out)

2 Crucial C300 256 GB in RAID 0 for about $850 / would the forum's consensus change if I could get these two for about $750

or just wait for the C4's?

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  1. I say go with the Vertex 3 setup... It is the best all around SSD for a SATA III port in my opinion.
  2. teenyman45 - Have you been reading the technical reviews? OCZ Vertex 3 pretty much rules right now.
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