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From a previous thread, I had an infinite loop of Windows updates on .NET Framework that was causing my computer to slow down a lot. Now, I absolutely cannot install or run anything that uses .NET Framework and .NET Framework always crashes when I attempt to install. I can't install version 3 or later as I get a downloader that my antivirus blocks. Short of a system restore to go back about 2 weeks or so, is there anything I can do to get .NET Framework to install? I had versions 1, 1.1, 2, 3, and 3.5. I also have version 4, but apparently that's the only .NET Framework that survives, but anything that uses it still won't run.
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  1. Hi. Turn off your antivirus while you download it. Install and turn antivirus back on
  2. That makes no difference. Versions 1, 1.1, and 2 don't use a downloader and yet, they don't install, always crashing or erroring in some form or another. I did find a way around the downloader though. 50 MB is no problem for me. It's only when downloads start going above about 10 GB that it is, taking 4+ hours to download.

    Regardless, I've posted a few screenshots showing the problem and what I'm getting:

    Versions 1.0 and 1.1 - I have no idea what this error message means. Both versions have this same error message.

    Version 2.0 - installation starts and appears to run just fine, however, after some time, I get an error message and the "send error report to Microsoft" notice.

    Version 3.0 - pretty much the same case as version 2.0.

    Version 3.5 - pretty much the same case as version 2.0 and 3.0.

    When I click on the "error log", I see error 1603. Version 2 won't install, as shown in the screenshot. Version 1 is the only oddball in that it's considerably different. It still crashes though.
  3. Hi. Try uninstalling Net framework from control panel Add/remove programs if it is there. Then download Ccleaner from here and install. In ccleaner run both the Cleaner and registry parts of the program. Then try to reinstall net framework.
  4. I can't download from CNET (downloaders) but I found CCleaner from another source. I installed it, ran it (removing the checks from some areas that relate to browsers) and pretty much got rid of everything in the registry part (I only left out a very few certain file extensions from being cleared, TGA being one as I use those frequently). Everything related to the framework was removed from the registry. I don't see where it is in the first part though, the cleaner part and some of those entries I don't know what they are.

    After running the program, I restarted my computer to make sure the changes take effect, then, before doing anything else, I attempted to install. No good - same error messages. Can these be installed in safe mode? It's pretty much about my last resort that I can think of short of reinstalling Windows from scratch (a format and reinstall, with backup preceding this).
  5. Updating to service pack three should enable you to install any framework regardless of your internet security.

    LOL how is C-Cleaner going to help the situation at all..?


    On Puriform Financial Times said:
    "As a bonus, it also checks the Windows registry for invalid entries."


    This just check for entries that could lead to cached data that applications store on hidden files ect...

    Sorry but C-Cleaner will do nothing to help you.

    I would update the unit, and if need be disable the firewall/internet security if all else fails. and have the most up to data version of .net framework on your desktop locally ready to rock...

    Also give is us the error code message.. this will be a great help.
  6. I have SP3 on Windows XP Pro, and Windows is fully updated too... outside the dot NET Framework (and I can't update it since it won't install in the first place). I even made a video on the installation stuff too, in real time (no skipping, speed changing, or deleting frames):

    CCleaner didn't appear to do much anyway. It did get rid of some temporary stuff and a few things related to the dot NET Framework, but it appears to have had no effect.
  7. Then the issue is with your security... still need an error code to help further though..
  8. I see a lot of SPx releases of Framework installs being attempted. Try the base version only. Then install the service pack versions or whatever. I see the installer looking for the base program and not finding it.

    Framework 2.0 no service packs

    Framework 3.0 no service packs HERE

    Framework 3.5 SP1
    HERE This should install despite it having SP1.

    Framework 4.0

    Framework 1.1 HERE but why?
  9. Ccleaner gets rid of references in the reg and tempfiles and folders.ect. temp internet files interefere with further attempts at installs after a failed install. The most well known of these is Flash player
  10. You would have expected that those with the service packs are the most up to date versions of that particular version of the framework which is why I went with those. You install version 7.0 of some random program, an update comes for 7.2 then 7.4 and each is installed individually. Then, after wiping out Windows and reinstalling everything, you don't install version 7.0 of that program, you install version 7.4 and the install works without problems that way. That's how it usually is. My Windows XP installation disk is for SP2 and Windows XP SP2 installs just fine as it is. SP3 comes after a few rounds of Windows updates. You'd expect that to be the case with the framework.

    Installing the base versions of everything did work. Unfortunately, I have that infinite install loop again and it's seriously slowing down my computer. Startup takes twice as long and every now and then, I get a lot of hard drive activity that slows down my computer due to the updates trying to install that never do. 6 updates just refuse to install and stop needing to be installed. Ignoring them won't do any good as Windows will attempt to install them automatically anyway so I'm left with either having the slow computer or uninstalling the framework again. It's this infinite install loop that's caused me to need to uninstall the framework in the first place.
  11. It sounds as though netfxupdate.exe might be the problem. Try stopping it loading on startup
  12. Yikes... a schizo computer. This is what I don't like about the home computer business, there's no in-depth documentation from the suppliers. They want everything so secret and we have to figure it out ourselves. There's something going on here that causes Windows to not see the status of your Net Framework for what it is. I have extensive XP resource material and will be studying the behavior process seeking an answer. Framework historically builds one version on the next but then Microsoft will come along with their exceptions of 'if you have this, then do that' and 'make sure you have this in before installing that' and it gets to be a cluttered mess quickly. The Framework 3.5 is probably the worst at having conditions met to work right. I'm a fast reader but this will take some time so, 'I'll be back'.
  13. mibix19 said:
    It sounds as though netfxupdate.exe might be the problem. Try stopping it loading on startup

    For sure.. a good place to start. Then to find out why.
  14. For reference, these are the 6 updates that don't install (the first post in my old thread, of which is the source of all the dot NET Framework troubles):

    I'll see if I can find the netfxupdate.exe in startup or services (under msconfig) to see if that has any effect. I may need to clear the download cache as indicated in that thread (the fifth reply if I recall).
  15. I don't see a "netfxupdate.exe" anywhere in the startup or services section. I do have the file, however, found at these 3 locations:




    As to where this can be disabled, that I don't know.
  16. Go to Task manager / processes tab/ show processes from all users. and hopefully it should be there, End the process and see how it goes. If the system improves while it is turned off a fix can be made easier for it. (It will restart itself when you reboot the system)
  17. I don't have that process in Windows Task Manager. The slow down comes from Windows updates automatically kicking in on its own (the yellow shield ya know) installing the updates that are available but doesn't install them. When the install doesn't go anywhere, even though I don't see "failure" or something as the status and the install is done, the shield comes back. Wait long enough and the updates try to install again, they install without making progress and the shield comes back. It's that that's slowing my computer down, an infinite install loop. Blocking those 6 updates is all I can do for now. Updates for version 1.x of the framework installed without problems. It's just version 2.0 and 3.5 (mostly 3.5) that remains. I have one known program that uses 3.5 (Sony Vegas).
  18. Hi. Change your update settings from automatically update to Notify me but don't automatically download or install them. Then just select and install one update at a time. You should then find out which one is the problem Also look at this version of windows installer (XP 86).your version might be out of date if your on SP3, or corrupt
  19. I have version 4.5 of the Windows Installer. Putting this in run is what I used to determine this:

    msiexec.exe /?

    4.5 sounds right as one of my installation CDs (either my video card or Sony Vegas, not sure which) installed it.
  20. I am stumped now but will keep working on it.Good luck
  21. I've tried directly downloading and installing those same 6 updates that refuse to install. I've tried the second time now to get those pesky updates to install, but they refuse to install. These, for reference, are the 6 updates that refuse to install. Strangely enough, half of them are listed in the add/remove programs section. The other half aren't present. Here's what the updates are and whether or not they appear in the add/remove programs:

    KB979909 - found
    KB982168 - not found
    KB2418241 - not found
    KB2572073 - found
    KB2539631 - found
    KB2518864 - not found

    I'm considering making a video on this too - look forward to it when I get it.
  22. Backup data, reload computer with a SP3 SOE, and wack on the framework, it's a big waste of time going through all this when it can be fixed with a reload.. it's a configuration file somewhere in your reg that's not letting you complete a .net framework update/install. Problem fixed in 2 hours rather than 3 days.
  23. A full uninstall and reinstall of everything takes an entire day to do. The backup alone takes 2 hours as I've got 25 GB of data to compress.
  24. Uninstall? Unistall what..? You don't have to uninstall Windows..

    Just backup via a hard-line to the mobo (not usb) to make a data transfer faster.. then just complete a fresh install over the top of it.


    Create a separate partition and put your data on that... and through the fresh install, don't format that partition, and delete the old windows and make a new one.

    Easy Done.. So your not even moving data across a hdd this way... just moving it to another partition, which wont take take 2 tours unless you have like 2 TB of data.

    A windows XP SP3 Reload takes like 45 Min's.


    Even if this whole process did take a day at least you know your making progression.. instead of trying to sort the issue out this way for a week+
  25. Upon closer inspection, those 6 updates did install... but only when downloaded directly from Microsoft's download center rather than the automatic updates (via the shield icon). However, I'm getting an update that fails to install. This update is KB928367, for version 1.0 of the Framework. I tried the direct download approach with this and I get an error saying this:

    The install cannot continue because this version of the .NET Framework is incompatible with a previously installed one.

    What version is this "previously installed" version? Due to this, the shield won't go away.
  26. So it's been weeks now...

    Honestly not trying to be rude. But I'm not going to help you further. You haven't listened and have dragged this issue on for too long and too far.

  27. I have listened. Because, when I first posted this, I didn't know anything about NET Framework, and I was getting constant errors because the install routine is nonstandard. That's all solved now. The only thing left is KB928367 due to an error that I only see with the direct download method and was stated in my previous message: the update is incompatible with a previously installed one. There's no version before version 1.0 that I'm aware of (probably alpha releases or something, but I don't have those as far as I'm aware). I do not want to reload Windows as that takes an entire day.
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