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I have an ASUS P5A -B/300/W0A-U with 384 RAM and AMD K6-333 and running XP Professional, SP1. I installed a Linksys Speedbooster and the system began to lock up (no mouse movement and/or very slow response to commands) I removed the wireless card and still experienced the same problems. Eventually the system will not boot, at least there is no signal from the display (Diamond graphics card). I have tried another graphics card, but still no display.
Any ideas about how to troubleshoot this problem? I know the system is old, but I have material on the hard drive I would like to salvage.
Thanks for any help!
Bill Singleton
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  1. If you have access to another working computer, you could add the HDD to that as another HDD, or put the HDD in an external enclosure and attach it to the working computer to access the data.

    You shouldn't put your email address in your posts - this is the internet. If you wanted a reply by private message, you could have asked for that, too.
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