PC keeps overheating

Hi! I have 2 graphics cards in my computer to run dual screens and recently my computer will just turn itself off. I touched the graphics cards and one is really really hot! The other is OK but this one (Radeon 2600 HD) is causing the trouble! I can use the PC with just the other graphics card (Radeon 2400) but if i introduce the second card back into the system and run dual screen it will run for about 10 minutes then trip out.

I have had this computer for about a year and only recently started having this problem :S

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Sometimes the fans get clogged with dust. May want to try getting some canned air and clean the fans in your system out, see if that helps.
  2. i think your computer is destined for a date with a can of compressed air, actually even a threesome haha

    but seriously its probably dust, take your time and clean you whole case and then clean the heatsink on the cards getting out as much dust as possible

    the hot weather may be adding to the problem...since you said u had it for a year, thus it was clean last summer and you didn't have the problem
  3. What are the gpu temps?
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