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Hi, im currently in the process of putting together a new PC for gaming, photoshop and sony vegas usage.

Can anyone recommend a good SSD for me to buy. Ive looked at many diferent brands etc. and cant seem to choose :)

Storage: 80-160gb
Price: Maximum £200 ($300)

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  1. I have used four different brands of SSD. Performance in actual use has not been noticeably different between and among them, at least not to me.
    Most people are suggesting Sandforce controller drives; these have excellent performance and the latest features like TRIM support and background garbage collection. One glitch worth noting though, I have seen myself and read online that these controllers may have trouble waking up from a sleep or hibernation state. A firmware update may [soon] be available to address this, but having to upgrade something new out of the box seems unreasonable to me; I have chosen to prevent the systems that use them (one of mine and my wife's) from going to sleep or hibernating, and have no problems.

    Edit: OTOH, the JMicron controllers are widely considered to be substandard to the point of being "junk" to some. The cheapest drives, like Kingston, use them. Mine have been Sandforce and Intel (also good), so I can't comment from personal experience; I don't think I'd buy one though.
  2. You mentioned Photoshop. Are you going to be working at the pofessional/business level?
  3. Take a look at the reviews of the OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD, or the Intel x-25m

    there are some great reviews out there on these from Anand.... I am leaning towards the OCZ after reading the lengthy reviews
  4. Thanks for the replys.

    You mentioned Photoshop. Are you going to be working at the pofessional/business level?

    I don't use photoshop for business purposes but i am a keen user and am working at the top end of the product.
  5. My vote is for Intel brand. Been running the 80GB X-25M G2 in my rig for the past 2 years now. Its been great. I haven't noticed any slow-down in performance. HDD benchmarks still show roughly the same read/write performance today as it did the day I installed it. The newer, 3rd gen, 320 and 510 series from Intel perform even better, but at a higher price.
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