[Surround Sound input/output] Program to make 5.1 input

Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong section, its a bit hard to know where it fits.

Ok what i have set up is an Xbox 360 connected to my computer monitor on a different input, -Video sorted (all it takes is one button push on the monitor to switch inputs)

But atm whenever i want to use my Logitech 5.1 surround sound for my xbox i have to crawl under the desk and unplug the 3x coaxials and plug them into the component>coaxial adapter to get it working. I've had enough... i tried for a few hours to get my computer to use the excess jacks at the back as inputs (didnt work, if you can help there that's a side question Asus P5Q SE/R MOBO) eventually I gave up and just figured id use the 2 inputs at the front and the one input at the back (therefore 6 channels) and I'd have myself a 5.1 input... I was wrong, i can tie all the inputs together but they are still all just L and R.

I guess basically I'm looking for a program that will let me assign the output channels of the inputs so that i can just have my computer on whenever i want to play xbox and the sound will come through, no crawling around :D cheers

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  1. Basically i need to make
  2. I shouldn't need any additional hardware, just a bit of software to redirect those audio channels is all i need
    Here is the setup so you get a better idea of what im after


  3. Frankly, PC's aren't designed for 5.1 inputs over analog; the most they support are 2.0 via the "line in" jack. And I doubt you could assign other jacks an inputs, as soundcards wouldn't know which signal is from which input (L/R, Front, Center etc)

    The only way to get 5.1 input is to use SPDIF encoded with a dolby/DTS signal. Alternativly, you could just plug everything into a digital reciever and call it a day.
  4. I have already assigned 3 seperate jacks as inputs as i have shown in the diagram, also the software has picked up and is able to run all the inputs and play them back through the speakers.

    All i need is a program that will now let me direct the 6 channels that are coming in to the appropriate speaker and its done, i am yet to find a program like this though... but clearly its not impossible.
  5. This can work guys, all that is needed is to somehow tell the playback of the input 3x 3.5mm coaxials to go to the appropriate channels of the output... thats it
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  7. I realize this is an old thread, and i do not have a solution to the problem, but I was just wondering what that black box is that takes the 2 RCA inputs and gives 3 TRS outputs, and does this device decode DTS / DD?

  8. It came with my logitech sound system pictured above, youll have to check from them, great little k-jigger.
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