CrossfireX or CrossfireX Hybrid?

I'm looking at new motherboards to go with my new build I will soon start getting. The question I have is if I should go with a board that only supports CrossfireX or Hybrid CrossfireX instead. Only issue is all the boards I see with CrossfireX Hybrid run at PCI-e x8 when dualed together, but run at x16 when only a single card is active. The CrossfireX boards I have seen run at full x16 when in dual setup. Is there better benchmark results from CrossfireX or Hybrid?

Just out of curiousity too, will a 2.1Gen graphics card work on a 2.0gen PCI-e slot?

Thanks for any help :hello:
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    Hybrid CrossFire is mostly for power savings and isn't recommended for gaming,in hybird Crossfire you can use a low/high end card with the motherboard's integrated card which gives you a little boost in gaming.
    But Normal CrossFire is when you use 2 more powerful cards and that's recommended for gaming.
    And yes a 2.1 Gen card(i suppose you mean HD 5970) will work on a PCI-E 2.0/1.0 slot
  2. Hybrid Crossfire, as stated, is mostly a power saving feature. The only models that I know that work are 780g motherboards and 3450 or below (a few models in the 2xxx series).

    Other than those models of GPU on that motherboard, it will just default to the main graphics card and not recognize the power savings.
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