Help! "Display Driver has Stopped Responding and Has Recovered"!

I just built a computer a few weeks ago, and everything has been working perfectly fine until yesterday.

While working in after effects I start seeing these weird artifacts go across my screen. They are green, black, & white blocks that cover my screen in a random patterns. Then my screen goes black and comes back with a popup that reads "Display Driver has Stopped Responding and Has Recovered". This happens three or four times before I get the blue screen of death and my computer reboots. Even when I go into bios to check the temperatures I see these artifacts appearing (temperatures are all good btw).

The computer is now a bit sluggish (compared to the lightning fast speeds it had just a few days ago). I have tried reinstalling my drivers and installing older drivers, and so far nothing helps.

I'm freaking out here :ouch: :cry:

My specs are:
i7 920
evga x58 motherboard
12 gigs ram
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  1. Try a different video card.
    I think you have a bad video card.
  2. I have had bad brand new video cards from the factory.
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