Need help with new hardrive.

i just bought and installed a Seagate ST3500418As 500gb hard drive and it keeps making a small beeping sound is it bad because its really anoying.. when i do a disk check from the properties it stops making the sound
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  1. could be a bad drive or a power issue. I've had external hard drives that would make beeping sounds when I would plug them into my front side usb ports because it was not getting enough power, so I had to hook it up to the usb ports that were directly from my board. if you just bought it, might want to send it back and try another
  2. If you installed it internally, the beeping is not coming from the drive. Hard drives don't have speakers. They can make grinding noises and banging noises, but only if they fail.

    The beep is almost certainly a motherboard beep code. What motherboard? What do the beeps sound like (blocks of 3? 4, then 2, then repeat)? Some mobos have the kindness to put the beep codes in their manuals.
  3. when i unplug the hard drive it stops.. i have an MSI X58 Pro E i will look at my manual and see if it has any info.... And the hard drive works fine but the beeps are anoying its like a cricket noise really low but anoying
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    Uh-oh. Beeps out a speaker come from the motherboard trying to tell you something. Hard drives normally make some noise, but unusual ones indicate that they are failing mechanically. Can you download Seagate's diagnostics and test the drive? Have you listened to other recent drives to see if they are quieter?
  5. yeah i did all the checks and all check out when i unplug the hard drive from the power supply it stops
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