Amd 64x2 4450e

looking to see if I can overclock my CPU from 2.3 to 2.7 using the nvidia overclocker and if it would be safe with haveing 2 extra case fans inside
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  1. Not sure, I sugesst oc safelly just from bios , adding 2 fan case for help airflow , for CPU will be better get aftermarket cooler
  2. DO NOT USE SOFTWARE TO OVERCLOCK HARDWARE.....BIOS only..... yes you can get to 2.7 if you have the right MOBO with the proper parameters needed for the OC
  3. cant find anything on the bios to overclock it. and I'm afraid to try the flash bios becaus ethats how my laptop died from there any other way?
  4. if your system no error issue , you do not need update Bios. what kind your system spec ?
  5. I didn't suggest Flashing the BIOS....OC through the BIOS....
  6. how would I do it? cant find anything on the bios other than the normal, but I cannot get into the cpu or memory settings at all
    I have the compaq presario sr5710f with the iris 8 mother board
  7. ok your mobo MCP61PM-HM (Iris8): maybe look from Compaq ,
    - first you must know Clear Cmos,
    - Since you Use Stock Cooling it become dangerous
    - sucess OC from Nvidia OC, you must test your OC use IBT (Intel burn test) or Prime 95 8Hours . (it's dangerous your hardware can Damage )
    - if you don't know .... i suggest uninstall software Nvidia Overcloker
    - I suggest Just go default ... i t will safely for you.
    - if you want OC get motherboard Overclockable + use Aftermarket Cooler !
  8. thank you, yeah i guess its time to get an upgrade, I can over clock it using nvidia software to 2.7 ghz but the temps go to 65c and thats a bit high...I cant spend alot right now but in a month or 2 im going to get a new rig
  9. my temps are 45 om idle and 57 on games
    is that bad?
  10. it's good 57 for game , very cool
  11. isnt max temp like 72c?
  12. yep max temp 72C is when you do benchmark CPU like Cinebench 11.5 or test stressPrime95 or IBT ( but you don't really need it because your system under default)
    game not ran under 100 % maybe 90 or 80 % , and above software always Ran at 100 % :D
  13. so should I get a new fan and heatsink for this rig or its ok the way it is
  14. I put in 2 new case fans from artic, but should I get the EVERCOOL HPFA-10025 100mm Ever Lubricate CPU Cooler (Buffalo for AMD) itll cost me 23 bucks so i can afford that right now
  15. it's Ok use stock cooling
  16. ok. was just worried when it hit 65 in the middle of the day
  17. yeach better than stock cooler EVERCOOL HPFA-10025 100mm Ever Lubricate CPU Cooler (Buffalo for AMD) : it all up to you ,

    i prefer go with Hyper 212+
  18. on speed fan its says this gpu 56c temp1 24c temp2 35c trmp3 25c hd0 37c hd1 39c temp1 40c core 26c
    what does this tell?
  19. that show all your temp idle maybe .. :D
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