Where do i plug my front audio jack into my gigabyte motherboard?

ok i need to know where on my motherboard to plug in my front audio jack so that it will work for my headphones.
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  1. My first answer is RTFM. But it's the start of a new year and I am feeling charitable. :)

    Which motherboard?

    Look in the motherboard manual Table of Content, Chapter 1, Internal Connectors. On my P35 and P45 manuals, the connector is called "F_AUDIO".

    Many cases have two 9 pin connectors going to the FP audio jack: 1 HD audio and 1 AC'97 audio. Use the HDA connector. And don't forget to load the audio driver from the disk included with the motherboard.
  2. alright but i don't have the manual for it right now i baught it off of a friend and they still have the box for it its a gigabyte motherboard tho im not sure of what model it is.
  3. Good news the model number is printed right on the motherboard and the manual can be downloaded at Gigabyte.com
  4. If it is like two of my Gigabyte boards, the model number is printed on the PCB between the last memory socket and the CPU socket.
  5. IF it is like my Gigabyte MOBO it is on the back of the MOBO right next to the back panel audi connectors (I only remember because it upset me that the front audio cable on my case was too short to be tucked in neatly and reach the back panel of the ATX MOBO so that wire is running across the MOBO instead !! - wish they had put it next to the rest of the frontpanel connectors at the side of the MOBO instead)
  6. would the model number be fsb 1333 by any chance if so then thats good but these are the rest of the numbers printed inbetween the cpu and the ram 45nm cpu, ga-p35-ds3r
  7. Gigabyte has solid product support, heres the page for your board: http://www.gigabyte.us/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2746

    The model number is the GA-******* number.

    From the picture it looks as if the front panel audio plug is directly next to the audio jacks, but you may wish to download the manual and check.
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