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Looking for advice on the best solution for dual display gaming/other. My board supports SLi x16 and I've currently got dual 8800 GTSs running in regular (non-SLi) mode and while I can get 60 fps running WoW in FS with one monitor enabled, as soon as I turn on windowed mode and fire up the second screen, I fall to 15-20fps and if I actually run anything like an HD .avi with VLC, I'm lucky to keep 10fps (and will occasionally hard lock).

Is there a sub $500 solution that will keep my framerates acceptable and not crash? Or am I asking too much?

System is currently running Win7 RC 64 bit w/4gb ram (although performance was similar with Vista 32 bit utilizing as much of the 4gb as it would see).

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  1. You ask for the best then you limit it to sub 500.00?
  2. Well, how about the best and the best sub 500 ;)
  3. If you don't have a good PSU, first get a:
    $150 for a Corsair 850watt @ Newegg

    Then you can go for two GTX260s.

    Make sure you have a good CPU (good Ghz Core2Duo or Quad core)
  4. You still think dual mid cards is better than a nearer high-end card considering the dual displays? They haven't fixed SLi to support duals yet, have they?
  5. Well if you only have 2 slots the best possible would be 2 gtx 295. Best sub 500 would probably be 2 275's if you can find each for under 250.
  6. If you're not running them in SLI, a good single card would probably work best for you. While the 8800GTS isn't exactly a current card, its no slouch either. I'm wondering if its something in your configuration. Sounds like you have some sort of a bottleneck somewhere. You should be able to run 2 instances of WoW. Its not a very graphics demanding game. I certainly don't think you need to drop $500 till you really know what the problem is.

    Try removing one of the cards. Assuming the 8800GTS has connections for 2 monitors. Otherwise, try running 2 instances on one card on a single monitor. You might also try the WoW forums.
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