Hd5850 fan bug

i have a sapphire hd5850 reference board. i can get it stable overclock of 900 core at 1.137 and 1250 mem but the main problem is it gets to about 92 deg C very fast and the fan which i have edited in the msi afterburner fan curve settings starts to have a change in its value...........

what happens is my fan starts spinning wierdly it goes from 80 percent fan to 49 percent and again to 80 percent and this keeps on happening very fastly ,due to this the framerate in my games drop ... i cant seem to figure out the problem ,please help me find the solution.......

thanks in advance
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  1. If you're overclocking to such an extent, I would scrap the auto-fan or modded fan curve completely and just set the fan to 85% or something permanently. I know it means you get noise when you're not gaming or have music on etc, but it's a good way to keep your card cool and stable.

    92C is well over what I'd be happy seeing my cards at.
  2. 92 is OK, but it really shouldn't happen with a 5850. It won't hurt the card, but it indicates a problem, because that card shouldn't be getting anywhere near there. That constant fan idea seems good.
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